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Stars unveil new third jerseys

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars

October 16, 2003

By J. Douglas Foster

Hockey is a game that is as rich in tradition as any of the major sports played on this continent.

In fact, the game honors that history with its symbol of a league championship, Lord Stanley's Cup, which has been passed on to winning teams since 1893.

The Dallas Stars, for now, are bucking tradition.

And they're doing so on the back of a charging bull.

For the second time since third jerseys became en vogue in the NHL nearly 10 years ago, the Stars have unveiled a new third jersey of their own, a design created to help kick off the team's second decade in Dallas. The idea behind the jersey was to represent the state, and signify that the Stars are not just Dallas' team, but also the hockey team of the entire Lone Star State.

"It's a fusion of Texas icons and the spirit of the Dallas Stars," said Stars team president Jim Lites. "We wanted to pay tribute to the State of Texas now that we're starting our second decade here."

The jersey -- which the team will debut Friday night at home against the Washington Capitals -- incorporates not only new colors, but an entirely new logo as well.

The jersey is primarily black with red, green and gold highlights. It is the first time in club history that red has been included in the uniform's color scheme.

But that's just the start of it.

The new logo depicts a constellation of individual stars aligning to form an unstoppable force of nature, a charging bull.

Get it? A constellation of stars aligning to form an unstoppable force?

"Hopefully, it's the perfect metaphor for this season," Lites said.

The team's traditional "star" icon is still included, swooping around the right side of the constellation to form one of the horns.

It's truly a cutting-edge look, one sure to grab the eye in today's flashy, ESPN sports culture.

"It's stylish," Stars goaltender Marty Turco said. "It has a great western feel to it, and I think when accompanied with the whole uniform and player it will look really good.

"It is one of a kind. I think this jersey will be a trend-setter."

The idea behind the new color scheme and logo, Stars officials said, is to try and appeal to the "non-traditional" hockey fan, and at the same time, hopefully, drawing in new fans.

After all, that's what sports and marketing are all about -- constantly adding to your already loyal fan base.

"I think we're trying to bring in a new generation of fan, and attract many different fans," said Stars left wing Brenden Morrow.

The Stars unveiled the logo at a special event for approximately 250 people, both media and season ticket holders, Thursday night at the State Fair of Texas, at the same time assuring their fans that unlike with other teams, this third jersey will not replace the current home jersey.

"This will not replace our existing logo or jersey," Lites said. "This jersey will be a great option to complement our existing home jersey."

Oh, and for those traditionalists out there, do you remember what happened the last time the Stars unveiled a third jersey?

That's right. They went on to win the Stanley Cup that season.

Now, let's make it two-for-two.

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