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Stars Games Go True-HD

by Dallas Stars Staff / Dallas Stars

Stars fans, get ready for an upgrade to your season seats at American Airlines Center like you’ve never seen before. In fact – no hockey fans in America have seen this before!

American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks, today announced plans to install the first and largest 1080 high-definition video replay system in an NHL and NBA venue in the country. Digital video throughout the arena bowl will be increased by over 300 percent with the addition of a new high-definition center scoreboard and two stadium-sized video displays that will dominate the upper end walls. The new video displays will be manufactured and installed this summer and ready for the 2009-2010 hockey and basketball seasons.

The new video system is being designed, manufactured and installed through a collaboration of Lighthouse Technologies Limited of Hong Kong and its U.S. affiliate, TS Sports. The system features four true 1080-resolution video screens in the center scoreboard. Each screen is designed to promote brightness, clarity and high-definition viewing quality through the use of the latest four millimeter light-emitting-diode (LED) technology, a 33 percent  increase in resolution over existing LED displays currently installed in any arena.

What does this really mean? Quite simply, the experience of watching Dallas Stars games in-person just got better. The combination of witnessing the speed and power of NHL action is joined by the picture and sound quality of even the best home theater system available. It’s the best of both worlds, all in one place.

“The size and quality of these boards, coupled with the live-game experience, will make attending our games far superior than watching at home,” said Stars President Jeff Cogen. “High definition and 1080-resolution have greatly improved the at-home TV experience and now will be a part of Stars home games, giving our fans an incredible combination.”

The new generation audio system will have the ability to create custom audio effects. Featuring a state-of-the-art linear array speaker system with surround sound effects, the new audio system will also be installed this summer in time for the 2009-2010 NHL and NBA seasons.

“When we opened the doors of American Airlines Center in 2001, we told the fans that we would remain on the forefront of technology,” Martin Woodall, vice president of Mark Cuban Companies said. “We’ve gone beyond that commitment, with the highest resolution and largest video screens ever installed in an arena and we’re combining this with a new custom digital sound system to greatly enhance the fan experience.”

In addition to the center scoreboard, two new massive video displays will be installed at both ends of the arena. The new end video displays will provide crystal clear instant replays and on-demand statistics. Also, a new 360 degree LED ribbon display will surround the interior of the arena bowl. The ribbon board will provide spectators with high resolution animations, graphics and game information. The timing of installation for the combination of state of the art video and audio will provide the ultimate showcase for the 2010 NBA All-Star weekend activities.

Brad Mayne, president of Center Operating Company applauds the commitment of team owners Mark Cuban and Tom Hicks for their support of the new video and audio systems.

“Mark and Tom continue their commitment to make improvements to the American Airlines Center.  These improvements will maintain American Airlines Center’s position in hosting the ‘best of the best’ in the NBA, NHL and concert events for many years to come.  I applaud our owners, staff, Mavericks & Stars, along with our vendors for delivering the very best live experience available to the sports and entertainment industry.”

Get ready, Stars fans. Your game nights at American Airlines Center just got that much better.

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