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Stars Announce 04-05 Season Ticket and 2004 Playoffs Prices

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars

January 14, 2004

FRISCO, Tex. -- The Dallas Stars announced today that the National Hockey League club will reduce season ticket prices on 3,190 seats at American Airlines Center for the 2004-05 season. Approximately 30 percent of the lower bowl will see a ticket reduction (encompassing 2,354 of the 7,827 seats downstairs), including 1,283 seats that will drop from $90 to $65 per game. No season seat in the arena will have its price raised, the third consecutive season that the Stars have not had an increase in standard season ticket prices.

Some upper level seats are also being lowered as part of the reduction (836 seats), including 369 seats that are being lowered from $60 to $34 per game. Approximately 42.6% of the Stars' total inventory available for season tickets will now be priced at $34 per game or lower. In addition, 30.1 percent of the lower bowl will be priced at $65.

The reduction in prices is the second phase of a plan began last off-season by Stars management to make season tickets more affordable for all fans. The Stars reduced one-third of the lower bowl by $30 per seat last summer.

These changes were implemented in response to season ticket holders' concerns that ticket prices are too high, in conjunction with the Stars anticipating a different economic structure in the league after the current collective bargaining agreement expires following the 2003-04 season.

"We want to be up front with our best customers and make the renewal process as fan friendly as possible," said Stars President Jim Lites. "We have attractive seat locations in the lower bowl and we anticipate a lot of relocations, beginning with the upcoming playoffs. We are encouraging our fans to call our offices now and take advantage of these reduced prices for next season.

"We're anticipating a new economic structure in the league and we are taking these steps now to fulfill our pledge to our fans to reduce the burden escalating payrolls have put on ticket prices. Our hope is that a new Collective Bargaining Agreement will bring stability to the league."

A Breakdown of Stars Season Tickets Being Reduced

Lower Bowl

1,283 seats going from $90 to $65
1,071 seats going from $70 to $65

Upper Bowl
369 seats going from $60 to $34
467 seats going from $34 to $20

Stars season ticket renewal packets are being sent out in the mail early next week. Fans who choose the Stars' Early Renewal option on their season tickets will receive an additional 5 percent discount on the upcoming season, while also guaranteeing their ticket price will not rise for the 2005-06 campaign. The deadline for season ticket holders to exercise the Early Renewal option is March 5, 2004.

Early Renewal season ticket holders will also not be required to pay for the 2004 playoffs until after the games are played.

Fans who elect the Early Renewal option are required to only place 25 percent down by March 5 and another 25 percent down by April 23. No further season ticket payment will be due until after the 2004-05 season is confirmed. At that time, the Stars will ask fans to pay another 25 percent within 30 days of the season confirmation, and the final 25 percent within 60 days of that confirmation.

The Early Renewal option is not required for fans to renew their season tickets. Season ticket holders that decide not to take advantage of the Early Renewal offer but still would like to renew their season seats can follow the same procedure they have in the past. Playoff invoices will be due for Rounds 1 & 2 on March 5, and Rounds 3 & 4 on April 23. Season ticket renewal procedures for 2004-05 will be consistent with prior seasons.


The Stars also announced today the club's pricing for all four rounds of the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Season ticket holders will see moderate increases from regular season prices as the playoffs advance - 10 percent in the first round, 20 percent in the second round, 50 percent in the Conference Finals, and 100 percent in the Stanley Cup Finals.

"We listened to our season ticket holders' feedback and we have made adjustments in our playoff pricing," Lites said. "We are happy to announce prices for all four rounds this year that are more manageable for them."

Season ticket holders who choose to participate in the Early Renewal option for their 2004-05 season seats will not be required to pay for the 2004 playoffs until after the games are played.

Individual ticket prices for the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs will be announced at a later date.


* 9,617 seats in the arena will now be priced at $65 or less (on a season ticket basis) -- 63.7 percent of the total inventory available for Stars standard season tickets.

* Over two seasons, the Stars more than doubled the quantity of lowest-priced standard season seats available in the lower bowl and reduced that low price by $5:

2002-03 SEASON
Lowest Price ticket in lower bowl: $70
1051 seats available (13.4 percent of the lower bowl)

2004-05 SEASON
Lowest Price ticket in lower bowl: $65
2353 seats available (30.1 percent of the lower bowl)

* Fans who own split season tickets will also be sent an offer via mail to take advantage of the Early Renewal Option perks if they put 25 percent down on full season tickets by March 5.

* New fans that purchase the "March to the Playoffs" plan (last eight games of the regular season) will also be given the chance to take advantage of the Early Renewal Option if they upgrade to full season tickets for next season as well.

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