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Razor's Holiday Powerplay Truffles

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars

Cooking Time: 2 Minutes (Or Slightly Less)








Combine all five ingredients on an icey sheet adding the Goligoski last. The Goligoski will act as a conduit of flavor to the other ingredients as they set up.

Once the various ingredients have had time to establish themselves on the sheet start folding them briskly into one another with the goal being a smooth, creamy, lump less mass. A commercial blender can be used for this stage but results will be better if kneading is by hand, especially when dealing with the delicate nature of the Ribeiro.

The Benn will appear a bit runny - which is fine - you want this ingredient to act as a sweet filler. Just make sure you create a pocket in the middle to act as the main reservoir of Benn.

Within the first minute you'll notice the doughy substance begin to harden. At that time the Morrow and Souray will become noticeable - both for their texture and their blast of aroma. This is when it's important to score the concoction. (You can use a fork) before it becomes to hard to do so.

And now the magical fun part: The scoring causes all of the ingredients to tightly bunch up in a sort of celebration of flavor and accomplishment. Once this happens separate what you have into five chunks, line them up, dust them with icing sugar and serve them to the adoring company.

Pair this treat with a steaming mug of Razor's 'Shut The ___ Up' and you have a seasonal 1-2 punch that's sure to delight. Add an autographed Ott cinnamon stick or a Rob Scichili 'ginger' bread man to give it some extra cheer

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