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Razor's Favorite Things

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

I feel like Oprah.

She used to devote an entire show and then a full lay-out in 'O' to; 'Oprah's Favorite Things'. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do.

So in turn, I post a similar extravaganza but in blog form, and in August - hockey's melted month - mostly because I gots me a big bag of nothing right now.

So here you go, my current faves:

Favorite Place to Eat
Neighborhood Services

Favorite Breakfast Spot
Bread Winners

Favorite Place to Golf
Royal Oaks CC

Favorite Offseason Sport to Watch
Rodeo (Bull Riding, Barrel Racing, Calf Roping)

Favorite Texas Beer

Favorite Texas Vodka
Deep Eddy

Favorite Local Radio Show
Musers (The Ticket)

Favorite Satellite Radio Channel
Howard Stern

Favorite Section of Dallas Morning News
Talking Points

Favorite FW Star Telegram Section
The Big Mac Blog

Favorite Magazine

Favorite Website
Funny or Die

Favorite Twitter Follow
Awful Announcing

Favorite Morning Show
CBS This Morning

Favorite Soap Opera
Young & Restless

Favorite Late Night Show
Jimmy Kimmel

Favorite Local Artist
Brad Oldham

Favorite Texas Artist
Frank Reaugh

Favorite Grocery Store
Central Market

Favorite Liquor Store

Favorite Kardashian
The dark haired one with the baby voice, and no discernible talent

Favorite Video Game or App Game
Don't play ‘em

Favorite App

Favorite Athletic Sock

Favorite Lounge Around Wear

Favorite Ice Cream
Blue Bell (There are no others)

Favorite Source For Information
My 14 year old daughter. She knows everything.

Favorite Device
Garmin Golf Watch

Favorite Appliance
Nespresso machine

Favorite Time of Day
6-8 AM

Favorite Haberdashery
Q Custom Clothier

Favorite Skin Care Products (ie Soap)

Favorite Asphalt Artery
NT Tollway (Posted speeds seem more a minimum than a limit)

Favorite Movie to Rewatch Again, and Again...and Again
Outlaw Josey Wales

Unlike Oprah I will not be 'furnishing' all of you with these items. My reveal is my gift to you, and aren't we all much richer for it?!

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