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Razor’s Early 2015 Collection of Stuff That Never Made Air in the First Half

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

As we hit the mid-season mark I felt what better time to purge all the nuggets, tidbits, and statistics that never made it from my lips to your ears.

Jamie Oleksiak’s stick is 13 1/2 inches longer than Ales Hemsky’s.

Stars were 13-11-5 vs Central Division last season…they are currently 2-7-4 vs their division.

Columbus Bluejackets players went under the knife for 7 abdominal surgeries in an 18 month span. Seven. It’s as if they don’t have the stomach for the game…(rimshot?)

The Penguins have an artificial ice Shooting Room as part of their spectacular dressing room digs at Consol Energy Center. Apparently it rarely gets used by players prepping for the game, instead the odd injured guy uses it. But they say its #1 use is as a holding tank for the hyper Penguin offspring.

Also on the Penguins, did you know that the largest penguin known to have existed is not Kjell Samuelsson? No, it’s a 27 million-year-old fossil of a 5-foot tall, 130 pound penguin found in New Zealand. 

The Flyers hold the record for the most ties (remember those) in a season. They settled for 24 sister kissers in the 76 games played in the 1969-70 season. (There is a joke available but Ima just gonna let this one slide…)

I summed up the 6-5 OT loss at AAC to the Flyers rather succinctly in my journal: “This game had everything, except defense, goaltending, intelligent play, and a victory.”

The only reason Jason Spezza changed from wood sticks to composite (He was the last to do so) was because the stick manufacturer Sher-Wood stop making them. He has a garage full of the wood batons that would make a hoarder gag.

Curtis McKenzie won Rookie of Year in the AHL last season. Do you know who won it in 1987? Brett Hull. That year he registered a hat trick in the regular season finale to give him 50 on the year. Do you know whom he scored those three goals against? If you said me you’d be wrong - he only got two on me, the third was into an empty net. I was livid that my coach pulled me for the extra attacker because my only goal in that one was to keep that grinnin’ golden sniper from potting his 50th.

Jim Nill interviewed then AHL Champ Texas Stars coach, now Vancouver Canuck bench boss Willie Desjardins for the Dallas job after deciding to let Glen Gulutzan walk and said Willie’s interview was terrific but just couldn’t go from an inexperienced coach to another guy with no NHL head coaching experience. Desjardins has to be in Jack Adams talk at mid-season.

The New Jersey Devils style of play was, well, “conservative” under Pete DeBoer (and every other coach Lou has hired there) Lindy called it, “Like crawling under a barbed- wire fence with a sweater on.” trying to create vs them. I’ll add that on TV it’s the visual equivalent of a comb over. (Coyotes hockey is pretty similar)

It has been 13 years since the Blues made it past the 2nd round of the playoffs. Pressure is on in the Gateway City.

Fugacious is a bitchin’ word to use.

On Halloween the Stars and Ducks combined for 6 second period shots. Six. (5-1 Anaheim). If Ray Charles had been in goal for the Ducks that period the score would have been 1-1.

Brian Lawton popped into our booth in Minnesota. He was drafted 1st overall by the North Stars in 1983 and he took sweater number 98. That took big stones to don #98 in early 80’s because, you know, Gretzky…99.

You could make a case that the Stars are the LA Kings 4 years ago. LA lost in the opening round in 2010 (Stars did that in 2014). They missed the playoffs in the previous 6 seasons. (Stars missed in previous 5) Kings lost again in first round (Stars in 2015?) Then they won the Cup, lost in Conference Final, and won another Cup. (So someone contact the Dallas mayor’s office and start plotting the parade route!)


“I’m the king of malapropism”

The Arizona Coyotes are the “Sons of NHLery”. If you played in the NHL and have a son who plays hockey, there is a high likelihood that the Coyotes will draft or acquire him. They have 9 players in the organization whose fathers played in the league led by Tie Domi's boy, Max.

The Stars 2-0 victory at Staples Center on November 13th kept them from losing their 8th straight. The last time the organization had a team lose 8 in a row? 1979.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” – This could be the mantra of every goalie in the league as he checks his GAA.

Stars 5th round Draft Gold: Credit Les Jackson and Tim Bernhardt. They told scouts to really know their regions extremely well. Then, after the 3rd or 4th rounds passed if they felt really strongly about a player from their region that was the time to speak up and push hard for the team to draft him. (Some teams put most of their evaluations on the players projected for the top 2 rounds, but as Les Jackson told me, ‘Players fall through cracks.” They always sold the scouts on the ideal that there are players with a chance to play in every round. Proof? Jamie Benn, John Klingberg, Mike Smith, and Marty Turco.

It’s November 28th and the Stars are only 5 points out of the Wild Card despite fact they are: 28th in GA, 22nd in PP and PK and have won 4 of 13 home games.

"If you don't want to be coached, don't come here." - Mike Babcock

Red Wings had 9 players on their roster who played for their 2013 Calder Cup Champion team in AHL. Nine. Stars might top out with seven from the 2014 CCC team.

Good Draft Year: The 2013 Draft (run by Jim Nill and Les Jackson) could be a phenomenal one when you look back in 6 or 7 years. Nill said there is a pretty good chance that all 9 picks end up playing in the NHL. Nichushkin, Dickinson, Ellie, Derosiers, Hansson, Nick Paul (Traded to OTT in Spezza deal), Ully, Paulovic (WJ for Slovakia), Makela (WJ for Finland).

I think the organization needs to hire a psychologist (again) and I’m not being flippant. The mind of the modern hockey player is the most underused organ in their sinewy, fine- tuned bodies.

Shot blocking: "Flamingo if you do, flamingo if you don’t.”

I’m not a believer in petty little lineup or system games. I believe in the execution: “We do what we do…We don’t care that you know what we do because we are going to do it so well that it won't matter and you won’t be able to do anything about it.” (Identity vs Malleability. Nature/Nurture)

“A Captain must be the example, occasionally tell a teammate something he doesn’t want to hear and know that leadership is not for the weak.”

The Gaglardi Party fueling a Stars win in Vancouver is about as sure a bet as you can make. It’s Globetrotters over Generals or Devils losing a Shootout...or Oilers picking in top 3. After hosting another deliciously gluttonous feast the Stars honored Tom and his family by running the PGP (Post Gaglardi Party) record to 4-0. Bam!

Since 2009 no team in North American pro sports has made more coaching changes than the Edmonton Oilers. Todd Nelson is the latest to try to guide them back to respectability. He is the brother of Mike Modano’s long ago former girlfriend, Kerri.

“The only time the Edmonton Oilers contend is at the Draft Lottery. – Hall of Fame Edmonton Journal writer, Jim Mathieson

Colton Sceviour and Shawn McKenzie, the son of TSN’s Bob McKenzie, are twins.


The STL Blues have 5 defensemen who were 1st round draft picks. The Stars have one (Oleksiak 14th overall). The rest: 43rd, 61st, 131st, 186th, not drafted.

Did you know: Ken Hitchcock is one of only eight active coaches with a Stanley Cup. (He also shares a birthdate with Pope Francis. Lots of white smoke out of chimneys for both)

Tyler Seguin may finish the season with triple-digit point total (and an Art Ross trophy). It took Wayne Gretzky only 34 games to hit the 100 point plateau back in the early 80s, and NHL record that may stand forever.

It’s December 27th and the Stars are 8 points out of the Wild Card. They are 0-7-3 in the Division, 25th on the PP, 29th in GAA

2013 was the year the Stars franchise got their act back together.
2014 was a year that saw them return to the post season and then struggle with expectations.

Every Minnesota Wild player wears his helmet in pregame warmup, while I counted eight Stars players who like to let the follicles flow in full view. (Seguin, Spezza, Daley, Jamie Benn, Cole, Hemsky, and Fiddler.) I’m most impressed by Jason Spezza, who is facing follicle challenges head on, still going without a bucket

The Stars are one of only 11 teams with a true winning record on the road. (In my world if you finish the game with fewer goals scored than your opponent, you lost.) Other teams in this category are telling, I think. MTL, ANA, VAN, WIN, NYI, WSH, NSH, PIT,  NYR, CHI. In their past 3 road games they have outscored their opponents 14-13 (That’s an average of 4.7 to 4.3. Wildass!)

They say “tired” (Played the night before) vs “rested” (Didn’t play the previous day) gives the rested team vs the tired team a 10% advantage. If you follow the Stars you think that logic sits on a throne of lies. The Stars have 8 wins in the last 41 games in which  they were “tired” which equates to about an 80% advantage for the teams they’ve faced  in this span.

It’s January 5th and the Stars are 3 points out of the Wild Card. They’ve won 9 of the last 12 games, are 20th on the PP, tied for 3rd in GF, 24th in PK and 28th in GA.

“It’s time for the matador to face the blind shoemaker.”

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