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Razor With an Edge: What If We Big Danced?

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

What if…

What if the Stanley Cup Playoffs were a great big fat 16-team tournament with 1 vs 16 and reseeding after every round? Would that be something you’d be interested in seeing come to fruition?

Damn right Razor, you say?

Well, for the purpose of hucking stuff at the ceiling tiles out of boredom to see what’ll stick, here is how that Tourney would look if it were to start TODAY.

(Wednesday, April 10):

1Bruins vs 16 Stars
(Wowwwwwww!!!!!! Really?! Delicious theater)

2Blues vs 15 Blue Jackets
(Go Blue!…er…uh)

3Ducks vs 14 Red Wings
(After last year’s 7-game upset, nightmare for the Water Fowl)

4Avalanche vs 13 Flyers
(Potential greatest series of Opening Round. Lay money that Patrick Roy fights Ray Emery)

5Sharks vs 12 Rangers
(The Frequent Flyer Mile Series…and both teams would just pretend it was the Stanley Cup Final they always envisioned they’d play)

6Penguins vs 11 Lightning
(Fleury got a sunburn on the back of his neck last spring. Crosby gets a nice base tan after a hellish winter of weather. NHL Productions documents his bronzing…)

7Blackhawks vs 10 Wild
(The Central Division Final…wait, what?)

8Canadiens vs 9 Kings
(The Rogie Vachon Cup)

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