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Razor With an Edge: The Fun Bunch

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

Here's a premise for you: Which of the NHL's 30 current teams (Have to say that, expansion is a comin') is the most fun to watch play?

Yes indeed, let us ponder the best at the 'sports entertainment' game, the bangs for bucks brigade, the wonderfully watchable, the optically awesome - ok, I'll stop.

What would the criteria be?

Play fast? Try to score instead of prevent? Consistently add a defenseman to the offensive attack? Live with allowing their share of grade A chances? House sick young offensive talent? Play to win instead of play not to lose? (That last one might be the all-encompassing criteria) And for sure have an intoxicating shiny-penny player that constantly draws your attention.

So let's start in the East. I'd say the 3 teams I'd stop down on Center Ice to watch or get happy broadcast pants to call would be the NY Islanders, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Montreal Canadiens. (Maybe the Penguins too, just to watch that ridiculous power play, and I'm on the fence about the New York Hockey Rangers)

In the (Wild Wild) Western Conference there are more candidates, lead by, you guessed it, our little firewagon Dallas Stars.

Others in the West who entertain me? How about just go with everybody in the Central not named the Wild, which is quite oxymoronic, and then add the Ducks and Flames out of the Pacific.

That's about it. Those 12 teams comprise my "Fun Bunch".

Now let's rank ‘em, link them with a corresponding - mostly 90s - Boy Band, and name the team's 'Why I Watch' leader. Why? Because, well, lists.

#12 Flames (Boyz II Men) Johnny Hockey
#11 Canadiens (C Note) Subbanity
#10 Avalanche (Color Me Badd) MacKinnon
#9 Penguins (No Authority) Syd the Kid
#8 Jets (Take That) Trouba-stic
#7 Ducks (Westlife) Getzlaf
#6 Predators (New Edition) Webernator
#5 Lightning (Another Level) SS91
#4 Blues (Blue) Tarasanity91
#3 Blackhawks (5ive) Kane&Toews
#2 Islanders ('N Sync) JT91
#1 Stars (One Direction) TS91

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