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Razor With an Edge: Rule Change Anniversaries

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

"What's past is prologue."

- Bill Shakespeare

10 Year (Gift: Aluminum - shaft of old two piece stick)

In 2003-04 the league made the decision to reverse the long standing jersey rule and have home teams wear their predominantly colored uniforms and wear their whites on the road. If you've read any of my recent musings you know that I'm a strong proponent of changing this rule to have teams wearing their colored unis at all times if the colors of the two teams playing are dissimilar. In the games in which the colors are too similar the home team will switch to white. (Do as I ask NHL)

20 Year (Gift: China - in a bull shop)

The rule governing goals scored with a 'high stick' (No, not a stick on meth) was changed from being a good goal if the puck was deflected in from below the player's shoulders to having to be below the height of the crossbar (Four feet).

25 Year (Gift: Silver - US Olympic hockey medal)

Helmets were made mandatory.

30 Year (Gift: Pearl - of Razor wisdom)

It was 83-84 that the NHL introduced the five minute overtime period to try to decide more tie games (Yeah, I didn't realize it was that long ago either). Sixteen years later the decision was made to play four players a side in OT instead of five (I'm willing to bet another augmentation is in the offing).

70 Year (Gift: None)

The red center line was put in to help speed up the game and reduce offside calls. (Sixty-two years later it was 'taken out' to help speed up the game and eliminate two-line offside passes) Irony or evolution? The 1943 rule change is widely viewed as the beginning of the modern era of the NHL. The 2005 change must then be the beginning of the modern, modern era? (Time to go back to the future?)

75 Year (Gift: Diamonds/Gold - Stanley Cup Ring)

Players first being allowed to skate in on the goaltender when awarded a penalty shot. (Prior to this it was just a shot. Imagine how dull Shootouts would be today if that was the case)

80 Year (Gift: Nurse)

Number of players allowed to stand in the defensive zone limited to 3 players including the goalie. (You want offense 2013-14 NHL, reintroduce this gem from the early 30s)

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