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Razor With an Edge: Hockey Pause

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

So, the clock hath struck midnight once again.

I am, as I was in the fall of 2004 when The Lockout To End All Lockouts began in earnest, a neutral yet adversely effected mute spectator. ( Yes, quite a monicker)

I work for a team while at the same time interact and have relations - both professional and personal - with players.

Therefore I, like my colleagues league-wide, find myself the proverbial 'donkey in a hail storm.' - just have to stand around, like an ass (donkey), and take it. The longer it goes, the more my backside will take on that hail-induced orange peel texture.

Yes, as the league and it's players go down a now too familiar path, but one with an unknown outcome, there is a palpable sense of deja moo. For fans and employees and those who lean on the NHL for a living it's an odor that at the moment no cologne can cloak.

And so with this disheartening news, the infused, invigorated, resurrection of Stars Hockey is stuck in a caution lap.

When the two sides do agree on how to split the green, the boys in green (and gold, and black...and white) will get the green light.

Indeed, at that juncture Bettman will flip the league's switch from its current red to the green of GO, and when he does don't blink, for the world's fastest game will shift into sprint-mode, and with that the Stars intriguing resurgence will hit the gas.

Stay patient my friends.

When the games return Ralph and I will administer oral hugs to all of you.

- Razor

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