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Razor With an Edge: Deconstructing the Most Handsome Picture of a Bench Interview, Ever

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

On the surface this snapshot of a moment in yet another nugatory pre-game interview is just that - unimportant. But look a little more intently and what do you see? You see the big picture don't you?

At first glance there is the Annie Liebowitz-like composition. Turn the picture upside down and you will see equally pleasing positioning within the frame.

Within the composition is of course "the action" or "inter-action" between player and broadcaster. In this case both subjects are "between action", perhaps in deep thought, maybe pausing to absorb a question, but more likely engaging in the unspoken tango of intimidation males of the species tend to break into when the quarters are close and the handsomeness is off the charts. (Think Derek Zoolander and Hansel just before the Walk-off.)

The broadcaster (Me) looks like a middle-aged man who has kept himself together extremely well despite the toll the road and having two teen-ish daughters could take on a lesser man.

Just look at that skin condition! His intensity is palpable. His alpha status obvious. He is in control of this conversation and he knows it. The questions he asks demand to be asked.

The player (Tyler Seguin) has set his jaw and struck a Central Casting silhouette in the shot. He's also managed to combine both aloofness and laser-focus at the same time - a rare skill that has been a trait that has served young men from Redford to DiCaprio extremely well with the impressionable young lovelies - he is present but also distant. Well played Mr. Seguin, well played.

The suit that 'Razor' is wearing screams sophistication and style. Power permeates his rinkside aura. The Fox Sports microphone he grips is perfectly positioned and seems more weapon of incisiveness than mere communication device.

Seguin is draped in the Stars road threads and although they look all "white knight" he is very much the brooding, semi-bearded bad boy. Note how he has positioned himself so as to have the "victory green" shoulder cap "pop" and offset his dark, tussled and hewn brown features. He's a pro’s pro when it comes to posture...and play.

Look at the picture again. Now look away.

Now back to the pic. Now back to me.

It stays with you, doesn't it?

It's like a modern cave painting, telling the story of this titanic verbal clash between two talented and insanely cosmetically-gifted Homo sapiens.

Just be grateful you've been invited to be a voyeur

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