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Q & A with Mike Ribeiro

by Graham Clark / Dallas Stars caught up with Stars center Mike Ribeiro, who talks about staying healthy, shootouts, and the anticipation to play in Montreal for the first time as a Dallas Star this season.

In order to view this page you need JavaScript and Flash Player 9+ support! You were able to play all 82 games last season and you have played more than 75 games in each of the past five seasons. How are you able to stay healthy?

“I am not really sure, I guess you have to stay away from some of the big guys on the ice and you have to be a little bit lucky to not get injured. I had an ankle sprain two years ago but it was nothing serious. Other than that I have been able to stay healthy during my NHL career.”

Since joining the Dallas Stars you have finished first in scoring each year. Is it your goal to lead the club in points each year?

Ribeiro: “It’s not really my goal to be on top of the scoring list, but I want to have a better year than the previous season. That is my goal to improve every year. Hopefully I can help the team win and stay healthy, along with my line-mates.”

How will getting a healthy Brenden Morrow back on the ice affect this team?

“It will definitely help the team on and off the ice since he is the captain of the club. It will really affect the leadership on the team in a positive way, we had a lot of injuries to key players last season, which was difficult and hopefully we can stay healthy and push forward with him this season.”

The Stars will be visiting Montreal’s Bell Centre for the first time since you were traded to Dallas. What will that contest mean to you and will you have any extra motivation for that game?

“I am definitely anxious for that game. Since I was traded here I have not been back. We have played the Canadiens, but only in Dallas the past three seasons. There are a lot of people calling me already for tickets, so there will be a lot of friends and family wanting me to do well in the game. It will be a good trip and an exciting game for me.”

Are you working on any new shootout techniques for the upcoming season?

“I have not skated too much yet but I will look at some new stuff. The goalies now have probably seen some of my moves so they will be better prepared for it. I might just go with the flow and react to what they do. I will definitely be practicing some new stuff though.”

Did you take any trips or go on vacation anywhere this summer?

“I was in Jamaica for a little bit and went to back to Montreal for a while, which was good to see some old friends. I have been back for about a week now and I think I am staying here for the remainder of the summer to get ready and geared up for the season.”

What are your thoughts on your line-mate Jere Lehtinen re-signing to stay with the Dallas Stars?

“Since I got here, I have played with Lehts and Morrow on my line, so it’s good to keep that intact. It is great that we have him for another year and I hope he can stay healthy since he has struggled the past couple seasons with injuries.”

What are your thoughts on the Stars’ new head coach Marc Crawford?

“I have had a few talks with him. I am anxious to see how he coaches. I have heard a little bit about him and I believe he is going to be more strict than what we have had here during the past few years. I think this is good for us now, because with a new coach our guys will want to prove themselves again. We have a new coach and a new GM this year and our team will be in shape and ready to play.”

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