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Q & A with Krys Barch

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars
By Jason Danby

The last year has been big for Stars forward Krys Barch. In that time, he got married, was called up from the minors to Dallas, signed a year-long contract with the club, had his first child, and has taken up residence in Dallas. During the 2006-07 season, Barch had the opportunity to find his niche with the Stars when he was called up from Iowa to bolster the Dallas lineup. In 26 games last season, Barch tallied three goals and two assists for five points as well as 107 penalty minutes. recently had the chance to talk to Barch about the changes in his life and his off-season plans. On May 1, you signed a one-year contract with the Stars through the 2007-08 season. How do you feel about the contract?

Barch: "You know, I think it's an opportunity. Signing with the Stars was a very easy decision to make. The people here gave me that opportunity and I want to turn that into something." You have paid your dues in the minors and have worked hard to make it to the NHL. Do you look back at where you have been and feel that you have earned your keep?

Barch: "Honestly, I try not to think too much about how I've made it to this point. I really try to keep my thoughts on the future because there is still a lot to accomplish. I wouldn't say that I'm satisfied." Having played 26 games for Dallas this season, do you feel any more at ease coming back for the next season?

Barch: "I don't feel that in this game you ever feel secure or stable. You have to come to the rink and perform every night. There are no days off. When I come in, I have a measurement for myself that I have to reach, and I have to keep to that. Whatever it takes to improve, and whatever I need to work on, that's what I do. I work as hard as I can and try to play to my ability. Whatever role the club wants to put me in, I'll do that as hard as I can." You have managed to settle down in the area this summer. Any summer plans?

Barch: "Yeah, we found a nice place for next year, so we are settled. We took care of that a few weeks back. We wanted to get that organized before we came back from traveling, so that's out of the way. You can't beat the Dallas weather, but we are going travel this summer and see some friends and family that we haven't seen in a while. Also, they haven't had the chance to meet my son yet, so it will be nice to introduce everyone and let my family get to know our little guy, Hayden. After that, it is back to work here. There's a lot of work to be done over the summer." What is your off-season routine like?

Barch: "I do a workout program Monday through Friday, fight training three times a week, and I like to skate once or twice a week. The fight training that I do is a mixture of a lot of things. Mondays are grappling, Wednesdays are normally bag work, and Friday is sparring." What is the best lesson you have learned from your year's experience?

Barch: "I think consistency. Day in, day out, practicing everyday. You have to be consistent as well as consistently getting better. You always have to work on your weaknesses and can never be satisfied. You have to decide who you are going to be and have to be committed to being better." What was it like being teammates of veteran Matthew Barnaby?

Barch: "Barney is a great guy. I grew up watching him on TV and I kind of had an image of him and what he was like. He has been great. I got to spend some more time with him through the playoffs. All of the guys speak very highly of him. He is great in the dressing room and he keeps things light. Through my conversations with him, he has helped me out a lot just by letting me know what to expect and what my responsibilities are, etc. He is a good man. There are similar guidelines between the game we both play here at the NHL level and in the minors. We have to play the game first. You can't just go out there, go at the draw, play two or three shifts a game and fight. I think there is a certain place in hockey for everything and Barney has helped me out a lot with that."


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