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Q&A with Jeff Woywitka

by Greg Ramirez / Dallas Stars

With the season rapidly approaching, sat down with Stars defenseman Jeff Woywitka to get his thoughts on training camp, his expectations for the year, and his love of country music.

Jeff Woywitka
DS: How do you think training camp went and what expectations do you have of yourself this season?

“I thought training camp was good, the guys worked hard- it was a battle. For me, I’ve got something to prove this year. I didn’t have the greatest of years last year, and was in and out of the line-up. So I wanted to come into this year and get myself into good shape, play harder, and be harder to play against.”

DS: What improvements did you make in the off-season and what role do you see for yourself this season?

“I’ve got to come in here and bring energy to the group. Every time I am in there I want to do my job and be hard to play against. I thought I had a great summer getting myself stronger, faster, and more physically fit. I trained in Edmonton with a guy named Rocky Thompson. We went to the gym every day, got stronger and quicker. I had a pretty good diet that I was on and came into camp pretty lean.”

DS: In your opinion, who is the most difficult player to defend against in the NHL?

“I think there are a couple of guys. Datsyuk is so shifty, he’s tough to read. You think he is going this way, then he’ll go the other way. You can’t look at the puck with him. Obviously, Ovechkin and Crosby are tough, but we don’t see them much because they are in a different conference. In Chicago, you have Toews, you have Kane, you have some guys that can really make you look stupid as a defenseman if you are not prepared and ready to battle them.”

DS: You are a big country music fan, what triggered your love for that genre of music?

“Growing up in the country, on a farm, all you got on the tractors were the AM stations . That was all country. I had no choice but to listen to that and become accustomed to that because of my lifestyle and the way I was brought up.”

DS: Who are your favorite country artists? Who’s the best to see in concert?

“I like George Strait, Brad Paisley and Katy Perry. George Strait is probably the best in concert.”

DS: Are there any up-and-coming country music artists Stars fans should start listening to?

“Dean Brody is a good up and coming country artist. Easton Corbin is another good one; he’s got some really good songs.”

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