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On the Fly with goaltender Ben Bishop

The veteran chats with's Mike Heika about his newborn son and being the NHL's tallest netminder ever

by Mike Heika @MikeHeika / Senior Staff Writer

The "On The Fly" articles were so popular last season, we'll continue them into the new campaign on Here, senior staff writer Mike Heika asks goalie Ben Bishop about his newborn son and what it's like to be 6-foot-7.


Mike Heika: Your wife had a baby in May, were you prepared for his arrival and have you been enjoying the process?

Ben Bishop: I think you're pretty prepared. I have nieces and nephews and my wife has nieces and nephews, so we've been around babies. But when it's yours, it is different. There is no playbook, so we're learning on the fly as we go. The good thing is that it's in the summer and I've been able to enjoy the process and be around. He's been great, I can say that much.

Ben and Andrea Bishop welcomed Benjamin Manning Bishop IV on May 4. He is their first child.

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Heika: What is the work schedule like? A lot of late nights?

Bishop: We share a lot. My wife is really good in taking the night shifts. God bless her for that.


Heika: In-laws or parents in town? Have they helped a lot?

Bishop: They were here for a bit and then we've been back to St. Louis and down to Florida and done the tour, so that's been fun showing him off.

Bishop was born in Denver, but moved to St. Louis when he was very young. His family still lives up there, where his dad owns a restaurant.

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Heika: What is traveling like with a baby? Did you fly or drive?

Bishop: We flew, so it adds a lot to that process. The first couple of flights, he slept the whole time, but the last couple he's been awake, and it's like you're working the whole flight. You try to bounce him and keep him as happy as possible and keep him from crying. There was one flight where he got a little fussy and cried for what seemed like an eternity, but was only probably a minute or two. But it's definitely a different kind of stress when you're flying with a newborn. I'm getting pretty good at going through security with all of the stuff now, so that's been better. There is a lot more planning involved when you go anywhere, that's for sure


Heika: They always say that you really start to become unselfish when you have a child, that you understand what it's like to put another person ahead of you at all times. Have you had that experience?

Bishop: You get perspective really quick. You understand that he rules the roost and you will obey by his rules for the time being. It's a learning experience, which can be good for you.

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Heika: You are spending a lot of time in North Texas, are you enjoying that?

Bishop: Yes, we're here most of the time. It's a great city. It has everything you need. We enjoy it here a lot.


Heika: You were around a lot at the draft, helping the team interact with the fans, and have been very visible in your hometown of St. Louis. Is there a feeling that is part of your job or do you just really enjoy it?

Bishop: When you're part of the community in an organization like this, you want to embrace it. It doesn't last forever, and you want to enjoy it. I know what we do is mainly on the ice, but I think there's a big part of the job that comes off the ice, as well, and you want to have fun with that.

Bishop spent one year with the Texas Tornado and graduated from Frisco High School in 2005, so he said he has always felt an attachment to the area because of that. He signed a six-year contract extension with the Stars in 2017.

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Heika: What are your thoughts on new coach Jim Montgomery?

Bishop: I think he's going to be great. He's won everywhere he's been, I've heard nothing but good things about him, and I look forward to working with him.


Heika: Goalies are in a good position to observe how playing style affect the shots that they see. Do you think the Stars will be different next season in where shots are coming from or how many you will see?

Bishop: You can't predict where shots are going to come from, so as a goalie you prepare for anything. I know what you are saying, but we just have to focus on what we do and really try to be ready for anything. That's the best plan.

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Heika: Is anyone else tall in your family?

Bishop: Pretty much everybody. I'm the tallest, but my mom's brothers are really tall -- 6-5 -- so it's definitely there in our family. Hopefully, my kid gets the height, too.

Officially listed at 6-foot-7, Bishop is the tallest goalie to ever play in the NHL.


Heika: Does it create problems in everyday life with things like clothing or furniture?

Bishop: Clothing can be a pain. There is not really a size for me. Sometimes you can't fit in a large, sometimes the extra larges are huge. They are definitely not sizing things for me. That's the biggest challenge for me, but online shopping definitely help a lot.

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Heika: How does it affect you as a goalie?

Bishop: I think it's nothing but an advantage. You can't teach size.


Heika: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Bishop: A redwood, they're the biggest, baddest ones out there.

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Mike Heika is a Senior Staff Writer for and has covered the Stars since 1994. Follow him on Twitter @MikeHeika.

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