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Marty Turco Q&A

by Graham Clark / Dallas Stars recently caught up with Stars goalie Marty Turco, asking him about his summer plans, working out and his approach to next season.

Marty Turco Video Highlights
What are you doing to stay in shape this summer?

“I have been working out here at the practice arena in Frisco regularly and I have been working with other trainers around town in different gyms. I also work out lightly while I am at home to stay in shape during the off-season.”

Obviously last season is one the entire team would like to forget and put in the rearview mirror. How are you approaching the 2009-10 campaign personally?

“I am looking forward to this coming season. I’ve been working out hard and I think the entire team has something to prove. I think we will be ready to go. Last season was a tough one for me and I am very confident that I will have a good season. It all comes down to a good start – that’s my goal. This is my main focus and I am looking forward to it.”

Are you planning on using different equipment this year? Sticks/gloves/pads?

“I am planning on keeping everything the same again this year. I am comfortable with my gear so I don’t think there is any need to change it.”

Are you excited for the Stars draft picks this season? (Scott Glennie-Brandon, Alex Chiasson-Des Moines)

“The future of the Stars organization looks bright, with this high draft pick that can only enhance our future. You have to be thrilled with what’s ahead, but we think the future is now and we plan on being good for a long time.”

Are you planning any trips or have you been on vacation anywhere yet?

“I went to Colorado in late June but it was not really a vacation more of a business trip. I have three kids so it is tough on them during the season since the team is on the road so often. We are all headed to Michigan soon to spend a little time together for a family vacation.”

Have you seen any good movies this summer?

Turco: “I have not been to a theater to see a movie in a long time. My kids have been a couple times this summer without me. They enjoyed the movie Up, the Pixar movie that just came out.”

What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson’s and Farah Facett’s deaths a couple weeks ago?

“It is unfortunate for both of their families. I think Michael is going to be dragged through the mud by the media, which is tough, especially for his family. It was big news though, two celebrities dying on the same day.”

What are you doing to keep cool in the hot summer?

“Well being in Colorado with the family helped and we will be in Michigan for a little while, so I guess I am staying out of Texas to stay cool!”

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