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Life as a Dallas Stars Ice Girl

by Jessica . / Dallas Stars

I love being a Dallas Stars Ice Girl! Being a Dallas Stars Ice girl takes full commitment and a lot of hard work, but where there is hard work, rewards always follow. One of many fun perks of being an Ice Girl are the photo shoots. As soon as auditions and training camp are over and our squad has been finalized, we devote an entire day for our squad photo shoot. Each girl has her hair and makeup professionally done and her own personal shoot in addition to taking the squad photo. Staying tan with gorgeous hair is a tough job, so it is great we have amazing sponsors such as Tangerine Salon and Palm Beach Tan to provide us with all we need. A lot of people do not realize how much work and time go into our pictures. We can spend up to an hour just positioning and angling each girl to achieve the perfect squad photo to represent our team. Photos are posted to the Stars website and the shoot creates a memorable start to the season.

My favorite photo shoot was for our Dallas Stars Ice Girls calendar! It is not every day a girl gets the opportunity to be in a calendar. It is an amazing experience and knowing that fans line up to buy our calendar is a remarkable feeling. We each had custom-fit swimsuits so that each girl could feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible to capture the perfect picture. Each week, we spend several hours practicing and sweating, so getting dolled up to shoot by the pool was a great break! When the calendar was completed, we had a public release party to introduce the calendar to our fans and sign autographs.

Not only do we do photo shoots, we also get to film fun videos. Our traditional Lake Day video is one of the most popular ones we have had. Viewers all over the world have watched our video and to think that we have that many fans is crazy.

As fun as time in front of the camera is, to me, the best part of being an Ice Girl is the love and support from our fans. They follow us on social media outlets such as Twitter and we get to interact with them during games and appearances. We are always ready to sign autographs or just to have a conversation. Getting to know our fans is always a great experience. Knowing that you have young dancers and skaters who idolize you or just a fan that loves to learn more about you is indescribable. It is humbling when parents tell us how their daughters take classes and strive to be just like us one day.

All of these perks make the hard work worthwhile and make me feel like a mini celebrity. It is the icing on the cake that completes the once in a lifetime opportunity of being a Dallas Stars Ice Girl.

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