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Individual Anthems

by Daryl "Razor" Reaugh / Dallas Stars

Every man should have an anthem.

Mine would be 'Just Can't Get Enough' by Depeche Mode...No, 'Little Bones' The Tragically Hip. Or maybe...hmmm, I can't friggin' decide. You?

Just imagine a blast of your favorite tune blaring as you stroll into the office or step to the front to run a PowerPoint presentation.

Wrestlers have these.

MLB batsmen have these.

...the President of the United States has one. You know, that 'Ba-bam-ba-ba-bam...' (Hail to the Chief) thing.

Well, the question I popped on the players was this; if there were a song that was your theme music, your announcement...your goal celebration, what would that song be?

Here is the enthusiastic and eclectic mix of answers I received:

Lehtonen - The theme to Sportscenter (da-da-da...da-da-da). This would, I surmise, precede the highlight he was about to provide.

Bachman - 'Takin' Care of Business' Bachman Turner Overdrive

Grossman - 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Guns & Roses

Robidas - 'Where the Streets Have No Name' U2

Daley - 'Encore' JayZ

Morrow - 'Not Afraid' Eminem

Dowell - 'Bawitdaba' Kid Rock

Benn - 'Benny and the Jets' Sir Elton John

Burish - 'My Kinda Party' Jason Aldean

Petersen - 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' Def Leppard (cause he's a diabetic, and he loves irony)

Dvorak - 'Keeper of the 7 Keys' Helloween

Eriksson - 'Louie Louie' The Kingsmen

Wandell - 'Leave the World Behind' Axwell

Nystrom - 'Enter Sandman' Metallica

Pardy - 'Have a Drink On Me' AC/DC

Fistric - 'Jump' Van Halen

Ott - 'Till I Collapse' Eminem

Gologoski - 'Sail' AWOLNATION

Larsen - A DJ mix of club music

Fiddler - 'Indian Outlaw' Tim McGraw

Souray - informed me that 'he doesn't do gimmicks' we'll go with 'Holla' by Desiree Jackson

Ribeiro - 'Motto' Drake

Ryder - 'Not Afraid' Eminem

Vincour - said he would prefer fans stomp/clap/chanting 'We Will Rock You' Queen

After polling the players, and seeing their delight in picking a song, I think teams and the NHL should consider incorporating this into the game more - build a musical marriage between a player and a song.

I could see these unions being wonderful audio-enhancement for Shootouts, player intros, and after goals are scored.

Success should have a soundtrack. (And so should failure. See - 'The Darkness Music')

And did you notice, no Madonna!!!!!

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