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Goalie Prospect Josh Robinson Skates to the Beat of His Own Drum

by Sarah Taylor / Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars goalie prospect Josh Robinson has a habit of doing things differently. The recent Michigan Tech graduate with a degree in marketing may be entering Development Camp to acclimate himself with the Stars organization, but conforming to the culture around him is not the way Robinson gets things done.

The purpose of Development Camp is to teach top prospects to train like professionals, including how to eat like one. But Robinson, who the Stars signed as a free agent in June, already has a step up on the nutrition game.

In fact, it was only a year ago that Robinson made the decision to take gluten out of his diet and he has never looked back.

“Once I finally went fully into it, I couldn’t argue with the results,” Robinson said. “I’ve probably had my best season of hockey so far.”

The numbers seem to support this notion, as Robinson cut his goals-against-average in half going from a 4.58 GAA to a 2.83 GAA from one season to the next under his new diet.

Not only did his game improve, but Robinson’s mother also found her own benefits in her son’s new diet.

“I really like steak and vegetables,” he said, “and it’s really easy with my mom, because I got her to do it too.”

Being on the road presents challenges for a gluten free eater because steak and vegetables aren’t always on the menu

“It’s tougher on the road with the rest of the team because it’s always chicken and pasta. Those are the go-to foods.”

Robinson’s mother was not just supportive of her sons new diet but of his hockey career as well. Although never athletes themselves, the goalie’s parents understand what hockey means to Robinson.

“I swear I’m adopted because I’m the only one that has ever played sports,” he said. “They get it though. My mom and dad drove me everywhere growing up. They have been awesome.”

Hockey wasn’t the only sport that set Robinson apart from his family. Along with the offer he accepted to play hockey for Michigan Tech, came offers to play tennis at the college level.

“If I wasn’t playing hockey I would have been playing collegiate tennis,” he said. “I played from seven or eight until I moved away to Juniors [Junior league hockey] my junior year of high school. I was talking to D3 schools.”

Ultimately playing Michigan Tech Division 1 hockey won out in the debate, but tennis remains one of his interests.

“I love watching Wimbledon,” Robinson said. “I would hopefully be trying to play professional tennis if I wasn’t doing this.”

Regardless of what Robinson sets his eyes on next, he has no problem being the “odd one in the family”.

“I’m the complete opposite of my parents,” my mom’s a lawyer, my dad’s an eye surgeon, my brother is a 4.0 student,” he said, “but I’m going to be a hockey player.”

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