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Goalie Bowling II, The Football Analogy

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars

Here's an "And 1" for the preceding Goalie Bowling blog.

Just think of goaltenders and quarterbacks as being the same precious commodities.

A quarterback is now protected by both his O-line and some very restrictive rules intended for pass rushers and aimed at preserving his health while also - as a bi-product of them - the powers that be are pleased it aids the flow of offense. However, when Mr. Golden Boy quarterback elects to run the ball out of the pocket and beyond the line of scrimmage, all bets are off. He's a rusher. He's fair game. That's when he has a choice: scamper and slide, run out of bounds, or ka-pow!

So for goalies, the goal line or icing line - as its often referred to - is the line of scrimmage. Play the puck in the designated area allowed behind that line and rules will protect you from getting run. Elect to play the puck in front of the icing line and you morph from goalie to player, just as the QB goes from distributer to rusher, and in this scenario: full, violent, within the rules, contact should be expected.

I now feel that I have adequately and saliently made my case.


You'll get nothing further from me on this subject.

Three fingers of Oban please. Neat.

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