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First-Goal Memories Remain Vivid for Stars Players

by Steve Hunt / Dallas Stars

The first time any player finds the back of the net in the National Hockey League, it’s definitely a special moment. In fact, that visceral feeling of putting the biscuit in the basket for their first time in the NHL is a memory that most players will never forget. The current members of the Dallas Stars are no different, so here’s a look at how several Stars remember their first NHL goal and where that puck is now.

Watch Jamie Benn's 1st NHL Goal
Date:            Oct. 11, 2009 at Vancouver
Career Game:    4   
Goaltender:        Roberto Luongo
Assists:        Mike Ribeiro, Brenden Morrow

Bennie’s Take:    “It was late in the game. I think we were down by one. I had a lot of friends there, a lot of family and first time in Vancouver. I just remember the puck going up to Morrow on the boards. He chipped it to Ribs. I kind of just drove the net and Ribs made a good pass over to me on like a back door tap-in. It was pretty special for me scoring my first goal in front of friends and family in Vancouver.”

Puck’s Location:    “Yeah, (that puck is now) sitting on the mantel at my parents’ house. Just sitting there, yeah. No (I don’t have plans to make a plaque or anything), just sitting there.”

Date:            Jan. 22, 2008; Chicago at San Jose
Career Game:    58
Goaltender:        Evgeni Nabokov
Assists:        Jake Dowell

Bur’s Take:        “I think it took me about 50 games in the NHL to get my first goal. I was
an Assistant Captain in Chicago before I scored my first goal. It was pretty cool. I had an “A” on my jersey and hadn’t even scored my first goal yet. We were in San Jose on the road. My buddy, Joe Pavelski, who was my linemate in college and plays for San Jose, he had taken a penalty. I went out there to kill the penalty, it was actually with Jake Dowell. We were just finishing killing the penalty and all of a sudden, Pavelski had stepped on the ice. I took off and Dowell hit me for a breakaway pass and I scored on the road in San Jose. My buddy from college, Jake Dowell, assisted on it and my linemate from college, Joe Pavelski, got the minus on it, so that was pretty cool. That was pretty neat. It took a little longer than I would have liked.”

Puck’s Location:    “I’ve got a plaque with my stuff here, a bunch of hockey pictures. They made a real nice plaque for me with a picture of me celebrating. No Bucky the Badger on there, I wish there would have been though (since Dowell and I were also teammates at Wisconsin).”

Date:            Dec. 10, 2003 at Phoenix
Career Game:    12
Goaltender:        Sean Burke
Assists:        Bill Guerin, Sergei Zubov

Dales’ Take:    “It was in Phoenix on Sean Burke, assisted by Bill Guerin and Sergei Zubov. Not bad (for my first goal).”

Puck’s Location:     “The Dallas Stars still have it. I think they’re hiding it from me. I just haven’t gotten around to getting it. I kind of want to get Billy and Zubie to sign it for me before I cherish it.”

Date:    Nov. 2, 1995; Florida at Philadelphia
Career Game:    12   
Goaltender:    Ron Hextall
Assists:    Gord Murphy, Mike Hough   

Devo’s Take:    “My first goal was against Philly. It was my 11th or 12th game in. It was in the old Flyers arena, the Spectrum. It was against Ron Hextall. I got a pass from Gordon Murphy and Mike Hough.”

Puck’s Location:    “I got a nice plaque. What they did in Florida for every guy who scored their first goal in the NHL, they did a glass thing with the puck in it, the name of the goalie, the name of the game, assists. The puck is kind of squeezed into a shadow box. It’s standing on a big platform. There’s a big, bronze hockey player on it also.”

Date:            Oct. 4, 2006 at Colorado
Career Game:    NHL debut
Goaltender:        Jose Theodore
Assists:        Stu Barnes, Stephane Robidas

Loui’s Take:    “For sure, I remember that one. It was a really exciting game for me to play my first game in the NHL. I remember I was so excited to go and play that game. I was able to score. I think I tied the game up at 2-2 and then we won in overtime. That was one of the most fun moments in my life.”

Puck’s Location:    “Yeah, it’s in my house in Sweden. It’s a good memory.”

Date:            Oct. 5, 2008; Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa in Sweden
Career Game:    4
Goaltender:        Alex Auld
Assists:        Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin

Goose’s Take:    “It was actually overseas. We were playing in Sweden against the Ottawa Senators, the second game of the year. We were over there and we were down 3-0. I scored with one second left in the game. It was not celebratory. It could be better but it’s nice to get it out of the way early I guess.”

Puck’s Location:    “The puck is right now sitting on a window sill in my home in Minneapolis. It’s just sitting there. I haven’t really done anything special with it. Hopefully I’ll put it in an office in some kind of case someday.”

Date:            Jan. 21, 2012 at Minnesota
Career Game:    28
Goaltender:        Josh Harding
Assists:        Alex Goligoski, Loui Eriksson
Watch Philip Larsen's 1st NHL Goal

Lars’ Take: 
   “It was nice to get that first goal. It’s a really good feeling at the moment, when you score. It’s something you dream about for many, many years but it didn’t really feel that way (after the game). The most important thing is to win the game. I don’t really care who scores or who doesn’t as long as we win games. It’s always something you’ll remember.”

Puck’s Location: 
   Eriksson retrieved the puck after the goal and gave it to a team staffer. After a few days on that individual’s desk, it was given to Larsen. He said it’s currently sitting in his car.

Date:            Nov. 22, 1999 vs. Colorado
Career Game:    3
Goaltender:        Patrick Roy

Mini’s Take:    “I know it wasn’t pretty. It was against a Hall of Famer, Patrick Roy here in Dallas. It was nothing special. I think I threw it from behind the net, maybe it went off a defenseman, kind of bounced around a little bit, nothing pretty.”

Puck’s Location:    “I hope my mom has it somewhere. Don’t know if I’ve misplaced it or if she has it. It’s got to be around somewhere. I think it was just put on a plaque. The trainers at the time just put it on a plaque for me.”

Date:            Oct. 30, 2007; Calgary vs. Nashville
Career Game:    4
Goaltender:        Chris Mason
Assists:        Dave Moss, Matthew Lombardi

Nys’ Take:     “The best part about it is that one of my best friends set me up for it. It was two-on-one. Me and Moss were in on a two-on-one and Mosser and I played four years of college together, played in the minors together. We ended up playing nine years together, so to have him set it up was really special. I just went to the net, drove it, he found my stick and it was a tap-in.”

Puck’s Location: 
   “They made a nice plaque for me and the picture’s great because it’s me and him (Moss). He’s one of my good friends. That was a special moment, just a classic-driving the net and he made a great pass. I just tapped it in. Yeah, it’s at mom and dad’s house. It was against Nashville. I’ll never forget it. I’ve still got the stick at home, got the puck obviously, very cool moment.”

Date:             Dec. 31, 2002 vs. Edmonton
Career Game:    8
Goaltender:        Jussi Markkanen
Assists:        Bill Guerin, Sergei Zubov

Otter’s Take:    “Billy Guerin kicked it over to me. He kicked it over to me in the slot and I ended up putting it in. I think it went in five-hole. I think Zubie to Guerin and then Guerin to me. Billy kicked it over with his foot and I ended up putting it in the net. I think it was my eighth game of my career. I remember it being a pretty exciting moment, to get that first NHL goal.”

Puck’s Location:     “I just sold my cottage but it used to sit up on the mantel at my old cottage and it’ll be at the next cottage I have. It’ll be sitting there underneath a picture from my rookie season. We have a big picture of my team all signed.”

Date:            Oct. 23, 1999; Montreal at Toronto
Career Game:    8
Goaltender:        Curtis Joseph

Ribbie’s Take:    “It took me a long time before getting it. It was in Toronto, Canadiens vs. Toronto, so it was a big thing. It was on a power play early in the second period. I scored against Joseph. It was a pretty nice one. It was my first one and I didn’t have another one for a while. I got sent down right after, so it took me a while to taste it again. You always remember your first one.”

Puck’s Location: 
   “It’s been a while. I still have it. It’s been 10 years now. It’s back home in Montreal. Maybe I’ll take my last one (goal puck) too, first one and last one.”
Date:            Oct. 11, 2003; Montreal at Toronto
Career Game:    2
Goaltender:        Ed Belfour
Assists:        Donald Audette, Craig Rivet   

Ryds’ Take:    “It was my second NHL game. It was in Toronto against Ed Belfour. It was late in the game, just a rebound goal. Was driving the net, the rebound came out and I chipped it over Eddie. Donald Audette took the shot but I forgot who passed it to him.”

Puck’s Location:    “I’ve got the plaque at home. I’ve still got everything back home. They made a plaque at Montreal. It was pretty nice.”

Date:            Dec. 16, 1997; New Jersey vs. NY Rangers   
Career Game:    14
Goaltender:        Jason Muzzati
Assists:        Steve Thomas, Doug Gilmour

Hammer’s Take:    “It was in New Jersey. It was probably my 15th or 20th game, playing
against the Rangers. So a big rivalry, playing them at home, four minutes left, 3-3. Got to the point, slapper, game-winner. No big deal. It was off the face-off, Doug Gilmour won it to Steve Thomas and Steve Thomas got it back to me. Dave Andreychuk with the big screen.”

Puck’s Location:    “Yeah (it’s on a plaque). This is the only place that I’ve been so far that hasn’t given a nice plaque (for your first goal). I’ve only got four or five (plaques). I’ve kept the ones that are significant to me and that’s definitely one of them.”

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