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Dallas Stars Ice Girls: Prepping for Game Day

by Stephanie . / Dallas Stars

When fans see the Dallas Stars Ice Girls walking the plaza on game day, they may not realize that we have spent not only hours, but days preparing for each and every individual game.

Our preparation begins with practice. Each practice we spend time preparing routines and skate patterns for the upcoming games. Dancers are placed in their platform positions for each game and review those particular dances and skaters are assigned their positions for the ice that week. These dances and ice patterns are practiced to perfection.

Aside from practices, part of being an Ice Girl is always keeping up appearances. Palm Beach Tan and Planet Tan provide us with all our tanning needs. Every one of our Ice Girl sponsors supply us with the best products and services that we may need to keep us in tip top shape.

I always pack my hockey bag the night before the game. I triple check to make sure I have all of my uniforms, shoes, poms, skates and warm ups ready to go. The morning of the game I have to wake up extra early to curl my hair and put on game day make up before I go work and teach P.E. all day. After a 9-hour workday, I rush from school and head to American Airlines Center two hours before puck drop for more game day prepping.

Once we are all in the locker room we have a few minutes for last minute touch ups. With music blaring and hockey bags full of each girls’ belongings we take over the locker room without an inch to spare. Everyone finds their spot in front of a mirror to touch up curls, lipstick and do any stretching before for the game.

As the final touch ups are made, we have a team meeting to discuss promos, intermission games and all things that will be going on during the game. After the meeting that night’s dancers review the dances while the skaters review their patterns and duties for the intermission games. Before leaving the locker room to greet fans on the concourse, we come together as a team and pray.

After that, it's game time!

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