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Dallas Stars Ice Girls: Appearances

by Rachel . / Dallas Stars

As a Dallas Stars Ice Girl, we are presented with many wonderful opportunities in and around the city of Dallas by doing appearances. Throughout the season we get requests to attend events to either help with tasks or chat and take photos with guests. Doing these appearances allow us to get more acquainted with the communities in the Dallas- Fort Worth area and is one of my favorite aspects of being an Ice Girl.

Appearances are great opportunities for us to not only represent our own team, but also the entire Dallas Stars organization. We get invited to attend events anywhere from VIP parties at the Hard Rock Café in downtown Dallas to local school functions or even parades through the city.

My most recent appearance was at a nursing home breakfast party where many of the residents were war veterans. It was awesome getting to listen to their stories and life experiences as well as getting to share mine with them. It was a great reminder of how wonderful it is to be a part of an organization that allows me to have these kinds of opportunities.

Some of the more consistent appearances that we do are watching parties. Although we do not travel with the team, we host Dallas Stars watching parties where we can watch the away games with our amazing fans. These events are especially fun because we are able to interact with fans and watch the sport we love.

During any event that we attend, it is very important to us at each appearance to remain flexible and be willing to help out with anything as we can. We do not always know exactly how the events will go, and as any Texan could tell you, the weather is always unpredictable so any appearance outside is always contingent on the weather. As an Ice Girl we have to be able to work together and collaborate making sure things run as smooth as possible.

Each appearance that we are a part of is such a great experience, not to mention a whole lot of fun! It is amazing how rewarding being an Ice Girl is, not only being able to perform at the Dallas Stars hockey games, but getting to be a part of various events in the area. It is such a wonderful and humbling experience to get to talk with people of all ages and hopefully inspire young girls to be a part of something as wonderful as our team!

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