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Bob Sturm Blog: Videos and Mailbags

by Bob Sturm / Dallas Stars
Bob Sturm

Everybody who is cool has a blog these days, including my “cool” role-model, the great Razor.

So, now that I am joining the cool kids, I want to offer two things in great quantity on my new platform that will show absolutely zero originality. Let me bounce them off of you:


1) Youtube videos – many, many
2) Mailbags. At least one every few weeks.


You see? Anybody can do those two things. It will be my desire to do them really hard.

For instance, here is a youtube video featuring two of my favorite humans:

Razor and Dan (and if you don’t know who Dan is, I must really be finding a new audience)…

And now, award winning emails are being answered. And unlike the “Open Net” segments…all of these emails are real!

Why is Fabian Brunnstrom not getting any action, while kris barch is??
Is he injured?

Phishy, All in good time my good man. I think the Stars are in a weird spot here because truth be told, the feeling is that he would surely benefit from a year in the minors. Problem is, in order to negotiate a deal with him, I am quite sure that they promised him a job in the big leagues. Therefore, they must keep him up, and also try to get him used to the smaller ice surface and more abrasive play of North America, while making sure they put their best lineup on the ice. Barch, just got a 2-year deal, is familiar with what Dave Tippett wants, and Brunnstrom is trying to figure it all out. He is talented, and has soft hands, but…is he a top 6 forward? Not yet. Well, if he is not, then is he a checking line player? No? Well, then would you rather have him on the ice than Crombeen or Barch or Peterson? That is basically how it boils down. They will need to give him some action as we go, but they also need to win games. Such is life in the NHL for Brett Hull, Les Jackson, and Tippett.

Hello Bob, Although unlikely, It's not out of the realm of possibility that at some point Marty Turco could invite you and your child Brett out to a meal. If this should happen please have the event photographed for historical purposes. You see, seated at that table would be the Father, the son, and the Goalie Host. Thank You for your time. Regards, Dennis

I love sports humor, Dennis. Therefore, I love your email.

Hey Mr. Sturm, my name's Ismael, I'm from Princeton NJ and am in love with the Dallas Stars. You probably don't remember but we emailed a couple of times last year during the post season. Anyway, crazy beginning to the 15th anniversary season eh? I don't really understand the problems here, I mean sure Norstrom and Barnes are gone(at least from playing), but the Stars young D proved that they could match the best teams in the league on the back end. Playing against Anaheim, San Jose, and Detroit in the playoffs, they looked like they knew what they were doing just as much as the other teams' D, and they showed that they could match and out play the likes of Joe Thornton, Teemu Selanne, and for a while Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Now the regular season is back, and they have played two resurgent young teams, but they don't look like the defensive core they did last year. Some sloppy errors around Turco have let in some, maybe not soft, but certainly un-deserved goals. Turco has been playing great in my opinion, certainly better then he was at the start of last year, but he's not getting too much help on a lot of the plays. The offense doesn't look TERRIBLE, but it needs work. So, do you know what happened with the chemistry on D? And what are your thoughts on how they are doing and what should be done? just a side note- I'm loving how James Neal is playing, i might just go out and get a #18 jersey with his name on it, I like how Turco's started(and his new pads). Robi's a friggen monster, i suddenly remember who Trevor Daley is, Brad Richards is looking like a Star out there and not the traded former lightning who i was afraid didn't like Dallas from last year. And Morrow and Ribeiro look like they are back, or at least very close to being back to their old ways. p.s- Loved that vid on your day as assistant coach, looked like a lot of fun, and I commend you for being able to keep a straight face around Sean Avery. Hell, I know i couldn't. A concerned, but still steadfast Stars fan ~Ish

Ish, it is very, very early. The Stars defense is surely the spot of greatest concern. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t have made a run at Wade Redden. They decided to go after Avery when Redden turned into absurd money, and it remains to be seen if they made the right call. After seeing Mike Commodore in Dallas the other night, I was wondering if he might have been a better fit this summer – although his deal was 5 years for 18.75m, and Avery’s is 4 years for 15.5m. The argument could be made that the depth of this team is up front, and that the area of need is on the blue-line. Regardless, they have Avery, and unless a trade is made, they are counting on Zubov and Boucher staying healthy. Something that has not been easy in 2008. As for James Neal, I am a huge, huge fan. I think he is ready, and I have him developing well this year. He just needs to continue to get chances to play, and he will show he is ready for prime time. Some say he has “captain to be” qualities. I think he has power forward qualities.

Hey Sturm, Any chance you have any knowledge of the Stars opening game tonight being in HD? Heika said in his chat yesterday that tonight’s game would be in HD, but I can’t seem to find any information anywhere (including the guide on my cable box that shows “off air” for Fox Sports SW HD) that would state this is actually going to be going HD. Thanks, Chris Bob-

This email is a bit old, but here is what I know about two of my biggest loves put together like chocolate and peanut butter – HD television and Hockey. I was told that around 55 games are planned in HD this season, including all 41 home games. After that, negotiations are on-going to try to get more road games on HD. I was thrilled that the Nashville game was in HD – even if it was not a great Stars performance at least it was crystal clear. I will continue to follow this story and tell you what I know when I know it.

What's your opinion of Fabian Brunnstrom so far? Do you think he will be a mainstay on one of the top two lines? Thanks, Robert

Hopefully, someday soon. But, I get the idea this might be a fantasy hockey question. Right now, I would not invest in #96.

This, of course, means nothing if you don't see it quickly ... but riddle me this ... I just read that Fistric and Vishnevski were sent down. Who did they keep up? With Zubie out a month I thought for sure Fistric was an every-gamer???

This was just a roster maneuver to satisfy NHL regulations. Fistric, who has not had a good camp, is a regular on this team. He is talented enough to snap out of it, and I expect he will. The whole blue line waits for #56 to return, but they need the kids to pick up where they were last spring.

When you have time can you PLEASE share with me some of your favorite websites/blogs for hockey, especially Stars hockey. I am a hockey novice but love the game. Thanks, Eric

Besides Here are my 5 daily stops for hockey reading:

Hockey season hasn't even started.... ...And we already have our SAVE OF THE YEAR!!!! Thought you might like this Bob....


Wow. That Carey Price has all sorts of upside, but that save is just sick.

And finally, this:

Bob, Will this anger Lord Stanley enough to prevent the Red Wings from a repeat this year?
Hey Bob, Thought you might find this humorous. P-1 Richard

Wow. We all love Def Leppard, right? But, wow. Wow. Wow. Let’s hope Detroit is held responsible for that by the hockey gods.

Until Next time,

Happy Hockey Season

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