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Being a Dallas Stars Ice Girl Rookie

by Lauren . / Dallas Stars

There is no doubt that becoming a Dallas Stars Ice Girl was not easy. We spent late nights in training camp learning dances and perfecting our skating skills in hopes of becoming an Ice Girl. But, making the team was just the beginning. As a rookie, practices can be especially grueling in the beginning when we are learning the ropes. Each practice we learn challenging new skating skills, as well as each of the patterns to clean the ice during the games. In addition to skating, our veterans teach us difficult new dance routines that we must have perfected and ready to perform by the next practice. We have over 30 dances to learn in just a matter of weeks. This all requires taking the time to practice the new dance routines and skating skills on our own time so that we can be just as good as the veterans. Our veterans set the standards for what an Ice Girl should be and that bar is very high. As rookies, we look up to our veterans and they are always encouraging and willing to help us out.

Even though being a Dallas Stars Ice Girl is hard work, we also have a lot of fun. The veterans see to it that the rookies get to experience the same surprises and traditions that they themselves experienced as rookies. One particularly fun tradition is Rookie Weekend, which is a fun-filled weekend that brings us together to become one team.

This season is still not over and I have already had many memorable Ice Girl experiences. As a rookie, there are a few defining moments that each of us will remember forever. I will never forget standing on the ice when the new 2013- 14 squad was announced, the first time I put our uniform on or the first time I danced in the American Airlines Center. Moments like these remind me to “stop and smell the roses” and to be thankful and proud of what I have accomplished.

Being a Dallas Stars Ice Girl is one of the toughest yet most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I am looking forward to all the new challenges, surprises and friendships that come along with being a part of such an amazing team of women. Knowing that I am a part of the Ice Girls history makes all of the late practices and hard work worth every minute.

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