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Auditioning to be a Dallas Stars Ice Girl

by April -Dallas Stars Ice Girls / Dallas Stars

As the end of summer fast approaches, so do auditions to find the new squad for the Dallas Stars Ice Girls. This year, auditions will begin July 27th at the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas. There are three ways to audition to be a Dallas Stars Ice Girl: as a skater, a dancer, or both. The first round of auditions is open to any girl who is 18 years old by the audition date and has previous skating or dancing experience. During the second round, the remaining candidates are joined by veteran Ice Girls re-auditioning. Along with possessing the skills to skate or dance, to be chosen for the squad, the girls must also be fit, intelligent, charismatic and beautiful inside and out.

Auditioning as a dancer begins with freestyle portion where dancer candidates are placed into small groups to freestyle dance in front of the judges. The girls have four 8-counts to show off her personal style, technique, and performance presence. Each girl is evaluated and the panel of judges decides whether or not to advance her to the next round. During the second round, girls are taught a short combination that they each perform in front of the judges. To move on to training camp, the dancer must execute the dance well and present the quality showmanship desired by the judges.

Skater auditions are similar as they begin with a freestyle round in which every girl has a short amount of time to show off any tricks or skills they can do with speed and grace. Girls must also complete a series of basic skating drills. If a skater gets through to the second round, they have a second chance to freestyle and perform more skating drills. During this round, skaters will also begin working with the tools used to clean the ice during the Dallas Stars home games. Candidates must perform the provided pattern using the snowplows in front of the judges. The girls with the best all around technique and presence on the ice are invited into training camp. (It is important to note that all skaters must audition in hockey skates, as the Ice Girls do not wear figure skates).

Training camp, the final round, lasts about two weeks. It is a process that consists of skating and dancing for every single girl each night. The dancers learn to skate, and the skaters learn to dance. Every girl is required to attempt both, regardless of what she auditioned for, as during season there is no separation. The entire group learns new skating drills and new choreography taught every night. Each girl is also privately interviewed during training camp. Interviews give candidates the chance to introduce themselves, show their personality and explain what makes them unique. Cuts are made throughout the training camp process, and nobody (veteran and rookie hopefuls alike) is safe.

There is no set number for the squad, but only the best overall group is selected for the final team. Although the tryout process is grueling, it is an experience of a lifetime, and only the best of the best get the opportunity to represent the Dallas Stars!

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