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Another Edition of Brett's Bites

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars
By Brett Hull

Hey Dallas Stars fans, it's Brett Hull here. I'm back with my latest installment of Brett's Bites -- my take on the Stars, and anything hockey. This week I begin talking about my assessment of the 2006-07 Dallas Stars, as well as touch on my time with NBC.

Answers to Fan Questions:

What was your overall assessment of the 2006-07 Dallas Stars hockey club, both regular season and playoffs?
Considering all the injuries the team endured this year, the players and the coaching staff showed a lot of heart. To keep winning despite missing key guys like Brenden (Morrow) and Mike (Modano), who missed extended time this season, was quite impressive. It shows the character is there in the room and you could see that in how they moved on from those injuries and continued to be successful. In the playoffs, the team played hard, but ran into an excellent defensive team with a great goalie. We obviously need to be more successful in the playoffs, but everybody is working on that and everybody agrees with that. Everybody is trying their best, but I like what we have moving forward. One other thing that this team had was that everybody gave a full effort all the time.

Did you like the steps that Brenden Morrow took this year, both on the ice with his play and off the ice with his leadership?
I don't have much information on how Brenden dealt with the "C" because in my position I'm not around him that much in the room. I'm sure he did a great job, but I'm unable to see the strides he took that way. I still think we have only scratched the surface with him. He is still learning how to be that big, strong power forward who is figuring out how to get into those positions to utilize his strength. He's not just getting better year after year, but after every game he improves. People that think this is Brenden Morrow at his best are sadly mistaken, because here is a guy that all he wants to do is get better. He learns, he asks, and he desires to be better each time he goes on the ice.

Did Marty Turco prove anything to the fans this season?
Nobody is more disappointed about losing in the first round than Marty Turco. With that being said, he showed tremendous amount of confidence and poise in the playoffs this year. He let the puck come to him and it looked like every shot was going to be saved. There were a lot of positive signs from Marty.

Do you think Darryl Sydor and Stu Barnes will be back with the Stars next season?
That's a very difficult question. The organization has to look at that and decide what direction they want to go in free agency or with their roster in general. Doug (Armstrong) and Dave (Tippett) have to look at things and say to themselves that we had another great regular season but lost in the first round. Does that mean we go in a different direction? If they are going to go in a different direction, sooner or later you have to change your personnel. That doesn't mean just those two guys in Darryl and Stu because those two guys could be very important to the direction the team is going. It's impossible to say right now. You have to look at the free agents and see what kind of money they want and what kind of term they want. If it fits into the directions that Doug and Dave want to go and it fits in with the financial plan for the team, then I'm sure they'll be back. They are quality people and hard to find.

What players do you think the Stars will be interested in acquiring, whether via free agency or trade, this summer?
I can't give names but I can tell you, as can anybody who watches this team play, that the club needs somebody who can score goals. That's probably our biggest deficiency is putting the puck in the net. We have a lot of people who work hard and possess the puck, but football is time of possession and hockey is getting that puck and then putting it in the net. I would think that's what they're looking for. Beyond that, you never know what can fall in your lap.

Who, on the Dallas Stars, would you like to see win a Cup more than anybody else and why?
I liked to see everybody win the Cup. Being a part of the organization, I want to win another one. Brenden Morrow is a heart and soul guy and I would love to see him win one. I would like to see Marty Turco win one and stick it to all the people who said he couldn't win in the playoffs. I would also love to see Mr. Hicks win another one. He is committed to this team and treats these guys unbelievable. He lets the general manager and coaches get the players they want and spend money. He built a beautiful new arena for the team and it would be nice to payback the owner with victory. Doug Armstrong is another guy I would love to see win it. He has come up through the trenches. It would be nice to see a guy that has worked hard and see that hard work pay off.

How has the NBC studio job been treating you?
It's an experience that I am glad I did. There aren't too many people that get an opportunity to be on national television doing sports. But, there is just not enough for me. We're on for such a short period of time and it feels as though we keep regurgitating the same stuff, going over highlights and stating the obvious. It's a good experience, I am glad I did it, but I'm not sure if it's for me or not.

What plans do you have this summer?
Golf, golf and more golf.


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