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10 Egg-Nog Induced Thoughts

by Staff Writer / Dallas Stars

1.) Isn't it curious that clubs can't ice a team that is over the salary cap ceiling (they have to play with fewer than permitted number of players) yet, due to injuries, it's common practice to play a collection of players whose salaries don't get the team to the salary cap floor ?

2.) Who benefits most from the Dept. of Player Safety suspensions? I'd say retired players, that's who. Money forfeited due to suspension goes into something called The Retired Players Emergency Fund. At the current rate the Fund should be able to take care of its own AND make a push for the Coyotes by seasons end...or bail out the EU.

3.) Would Guy Carbonneau be a good "next G.M. of the Habs" candidate? (Cause there's gonna be one - soon)

4.) Three hockey terms that need to die a quick yet painful death: in the blue paint, his compete-level, and got good wood on it. (It's called a crease. He is competing at a ___ level. And, virtually no players use sticks made of wood anymore, just goalies do)

5.) Believed by my sweet, innocent 10 and 12 year old daughters after semi-accidentally catching an episode of 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic: All hockey players scream "Effin' Rights" after they score a goal.

6.) If Rick Nash of the perennially struggling Columbus Blue Jackets had a thought bubble above him, what would it say?

7.) Neat story, I had a gentleman who has been to every major sporting event on the globe except the Australian Open, many of them multiple times, tell me that Game 7, Western Conference Final, Reunion Arena, 1999, was the best and loudest event he's ever experienced. (Keane with a pair)

8.) Remember that indication line the league was going to add to the ice surface in the nets to aid reviews of whether the puck went completely over the line? Me neither.

9.) Don't think injuries are the biggest difference between winning consistently or losing? Consider last season's Stars second half. Or, for a more current example, this year's Minnesota Wild. The Wild go from #1 in the NHL to unable to win a game thanks to a little lineup decimation.

10.) If the Stars introduced a mascot what would it be? And what would it be called? It would need to symbolize Texas and Stars Hockey. Hmmm. What about a busty and pesky jackolope with big hair, that has had a little plastic surgery, packs heat, and goes by the name 'Starr"? (Too outside-view stereotypical?)

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