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In honor of our 25th anniversary season, the Stars players want to give back to the community, their family, friends, and strangers alike by committing to 25 Acts of Kindness throughout the season. The acts can be large or small, with the main focus being that of trying to improve the day of someone around us. 

We encourage our fans to follow in the players' footsteps, and commit to 25 Acts of Kindness yourself.

How you can take part

Tweet a photo of your act of kindness with #Stars25 and you might be featured on the Stars Official Twitter account! We've listed some acts of kindness below. Use one as a suggestions or come up with your own! You can also sign up for information on volunteer and giving opportunities with the Dallas Stars Foundation.

Thank you for being a Stars fan, and for trying to make someone's day!

Suggested Acts of Kindness

Stars defenseman John Klingberg gave back to the team's front-office staff by buying them a pizza lunch.
  • Donate to a local food bank

  • Volunteer at the humane society

  • Buy a stranger their cup of coffee

  • Buy a struggling family their groceries for the week

  • Leave sticky notes with positive messages in random places

  • Anonymously buy a veteran or active military member a meal

  • Become an organ donor

  • Gather the clothes you and your family don't wear and make a donation

  • Tell someone how important they are to you

  • Bring children's books to a local pediatric hospital

  • Donate blood

  • Help someone trying to get a stroller up steps

  • Hold the elevator for someone

  • Send a thank you card to someone who has made a difference in your life

  • Bring supplies to an underserved school

  • Stop your car to let a pedestrian cross the street

  • Leave a big tip when you pay your check

  • Find opportunities to give compliments

  • Send a card to active military serving over seas

  • Send a post card to a sick child

  • Bring soup to a friend who is sick

  • Become a mentor for a child

  • Comfort someone who is grieving

  • Compliment a friend on their excellent parking job

  • Make an effort to learn new things about the people you work with

  • Bake something and share it with friends

  • Thank your server

  • Pick up pieces of trash

  • Put a small gift in your neighbors mail box

  • Donate books you've already read to your local library

  • Tell your barista to have a good day

  • Write a positive review for a local business you love

  • Compliment someone's parenting skills

  • Donate used blankets to an animal shelter

  • Ask a senior to tell you a story about their life

  • Clean gym equipment for the next person

  • Let someone merge in front of you

  • Bring doughnuts or another treat to work

  • Put your phone away

  • Compliment someone to their boss

  • Make sure everyone feels included in a conversation

  • Adopt a your next pet

  • Leave quarters for the next person in the laundromat

  • Do the dishes even if it's not your turn

  • Spend time with a senior citizen in a nursing home

  • Baby sit for parents who need a night out

  • Give up your seat on a train, or in a crowded waiting room

  • Say thank you to a security guard or janitor (or anyone else who is under appreciated)

  • Practice empathy

  • Call your mom and dad!

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