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Sharks365 Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Trade Program

  • What is Ticket Trade Program?
    • This program allows members to exchange tickets for games they cannot attend and provides members the option of utilizing the "credit" for upgraded seats to games, additional tickets to other games, or the ability to enjoy unique game-day experiences.
  • How many games can I return?
    • The number of games that members can return will be determined by tenure. See tenure-based benefits for specifics on the number of games
  • When will I be able to return games?
    • You will have access to the Ticket Trade Program for the 2020-21 season in July.
  • For more information on the Sharks365 Ticket Trade Program, visit

Playoff Ticket Savings

  • How much savings do Sharks365 members receive?
    • Members who renew for the 2020-2021 season by February 14, 2020, will have access to Early Bird Playoff Pricing, with savings up to 37% off face value. Renew from February 9th through March 31st and enjoy a member discount, up to 32% savings. 

Year-Round Events

  • What type of events do I have access to?
    • Members are invited to the Summer BBQ, Meet the Sharks, Ice Insights, and Holiday Party. Members also have access to select ancillary events based on tenure status.  
  • How do I see which events are available?
    • You will receive an event selection form every quarter to see which events are planned for members
    • For a list of past events, click here.
  • How many events can I sign up for?
    • The number of events you can choose is determined by tenure.

Savings on Food & Beverage

  • How do I access my discount for Food & Beverage?
    • When purchasing food & non-alcoholic beverages at the SAP Center during Sharks games, simply scan your active ticket (member card, commemorative ticket, and/or mobile ticket) to receive your discount.
  • How much of a discount do I receive?
    • All members receive a discount of 10% for food & non-alcoholic beverages

Savings at the Team Store

  • How do I access my discount for merchandise?
    • When purchasing merchandise at the SAP Center during Sharks games, simply scan or show your member card to receive your discount.
  • How much of a discount do I receive?
    • Your discount is determined by tenure. See tenured based benefits grid for the specific discount

Exclusive Member Gift

  • When do I get the member gift?
    • Members receive one (1) annual gift before the conclusion of the season in which they are a member.  

Early Entrance

  • How do I access the early entrance?
    • Outside of all entrances, you will see a "Sharks365 Member" entrance line. Simply scan your tickets to gain entrance.
  • How early can I enter the SAP Center?
    • Members can enter the building 15 minutes prior to the general public

Monthly Payment Plans

  • What monthly payment options are there?
    • 12 Month - Our longest payment plan offers 12 equal monthly installments from February through January. You will be automatically renewed unless you opt of your membership in writing by the communicated Auto-Renew deadline. The deadline for memberships in the 2018-19 season is January 31st, 2019. To opt-out, contact your representative directly or call the Ticket Office at (408) 999-5757.  
    • 10 -month - Evenly split your payments from February through November. To renew in future seasons, you'll be required to opt in-to your membership during the renewal period.
  • Is there interest on the payment options?
    • All payment plans are interest-free and require a credit card on file for scheduled payment of each installment. 
  • When will my card be charged?
    • Credit cards will be charged on the first business day of each month

Commemorative Tickets

  • What are commemorative tickets?
    • This benefit allows members to purchase hard copy, limited edition tickets.
  • How much are they?
    • Commemorative tickets will be $50 per seat. You must purchase commemorative tickets for all seats on account if you choose to opt into this benefit.
  • When can I purchase the commemorative ticket option?
    • The period to opt-in for commemorative tickets is typically during the summer. You will receive communication via email & phone to ensure you have access to this benefit.
  • Do I still have access to digital tickets?
    • By purchasing commemorative tickets, members can still manage their tickets digitally.  

Priority Seat Selection

  • What does priority seat selection mean?
    • All members are invited to an annual Select-A-Seat event, typically held in April. The event offers all renewed members first access to relocate to newly available inventory for the upcoming season
  • When does this happen?
    • This event occurs a couple of days after the final game of the season, typically in April
  • How is priority determined?
    • Your priority is determined by tenure.

14-Games of Prizes

  • What is 14-Games of Prizes?
    • Starting January 27, 2020 members who have renewed or purchased for the 2020-21 season will be randomly drawn to win unique prizes & experiences. A full list of prizes will be published by January 24, 2020
  • How are the winners determined?
    • Winners are randomly drawn prior to each game
  • Do I need to be present to win?
    • No, you do not need to be present to win the prize
  • How will I be notified if I win?
    • Winners will be announced at the home games from January 27 - March 30. You will also receive an email and phone call from your account representative to claim your prize if selected.