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World's Okayest Blog- Breaks & Big Roadies

by Aaron Dell @ADell32 / Sharks Goaltender

Seeing Patty score his 500th goal was a pretty unbelievable moment. You could feel how happy everyone was for him. You could see Logan Couture put up his hands up before the puck even went in the net. To have Couture mic'd up and hear the guys in the pile afterward the goal was a pretty cool moment to capture. I had the perfect view of it from the bench so when he got the puck I knew how much room he had and he made the shot.

Patty was excited right at first but when he came back to the bench and everyone was congratulating him, he was so calm and just said "Thanks guys." After the game though, Coach made an announcement on the bus and we all gave Patrick Marleau a round of applause and congratulated him.

Video: Mic'd Up for Marleau's 500th

There are some really big milestones recently on the team- Marleau's 500 goals, Doug Wilson 1,000 games managed and and Jumbo quickly approaching 1,000 assists. I think being around these guys who are that good at what they do is almost surreal sometimes to realize that you're around themeveryday. I mean, I grew up watching a lot of these guys on TV so it's pretty cool to be playing with them now.

I went to Las Vegas for All-Star break. I met my wife down there since she had the weekend off so we spent those 3 days together. I also met up with a lot of the guys since most of the team went to Vegas too. I didn't see Joe Thornton though. He's a pretty recognizable guy so I think he tries to fly under the radar.

Three days is the perfect break. It's enough time. You start to miss the game a little bit but you're able to mentally recharge and get excited to come back again. The guys at the All-Star Weekend seemed to have a good time down in LA too. They were talking a lot about the skills competition and the shot by Smitty. (Mike Smith- Arizona Coyotes goaltender) and Ryan Kesler's little guy going in the shootout. I also saw our little guys (Jagger Burns and Nate Pavelski) in Jonsey's and Smitty's gear. That was funny!

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Change of plans: Jagger Burns and Nate Pavelski are now in goal for the Pacific. #NHLAllStar

Man I don't know if I could've made that Mike Smith shot. I think there's some luck that goes into it- but that was really well played! I could probably take 100 shots at it and maybe get one close.

With all that rest I'm feeling really good going into this next road trip. I had that time off to mentally recharge. I haven't played since the break so I feel refreshed and I'm ready to go when they need me! It's a lot of travel and playing time for the guys so we all prepare ourselves differently on the road. Some guys like to get a light skate in, others will do less of a skate and get a little more sleep instead but I think taking care of your body by eating properly and stretching are really key to staying healthy on the trip.

Fun Fact! On the long plane rides I like to play my guitar. I bought a travel guitar this year and my headphones plug right into it so I can play quietly to myself. I've been playing the guitar for about 16 or 17 years now- since I was about 10 years old. I'm a big Metallica fan so I usually like to play some of their stuff. No favorites right now though!

Burnzie is chirping in my ear right now to share other hidden talents of mine but I'm going to decline to mention those Uber rides he's talking about!

Talk to you guys later!

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