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Twitter Tales: #WinforBoyle

by Patrick Hooper / San Jose Sharks

It was billed as a battle of the unbeatens. And on a day that began as a great platform for hockey and two thriving teams, an ugly incident quickly diverted attention from the records and stellar play. But it was a lesson of cooler heads prevailing and an example of the versatility of what toughness can mean on the ice.



The first bit of news in the morning meant a new face in teal from the Woo as a result of Burish being placed on the IR.



Then came the fun analysis.



More wild accusations.



And a Central Time puck drop meant an early start for Sharks fans back home.



First Period


The foreshadowing.



The hit.



The answer.






And finally the end to the period.



Second Period



After a Tommy Wingels score, the Sharks got to work on the defensive end with some fantastic PK effort, sacrificing the body, and solid work as usual from Antti Niemi.



4-0 happened.



But maybe everyone wasn't tuning in.



More impassioned effort by the boys in teal.



Third Period



Jumbo makes it 5-0 with this bizarre score.



Some time after, the Blues get on the board, but who cares. It seemed like since the Boyle hit in the first period the Sharks mission was to score about 500 goals and end this game as quickly as possible. Even some cheering for the opposing side appeared to have lost investment for the night.



Everyone seemed to get the picture by this point. (Blues cut in to lead, Marleau widens it again.)






And the half of everyone's brain that wasn't already focused on Dan for the whole game, turned its attention.


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