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Twitter 10: NHL Realignment

by Patrick Hooper / San Jose Sharks
Here are this week’s top answers from Sharks twitter fans sharing their opinions on the NHL's new agreed upon conference realignment. All responses were sent to the Sharks official Twitter account @SanJoseSharks and the top 10 responses are counted down below.

10. From @ Charlesmarleau: our universe, until round 3, just became 7 other teams. i don't like it. also, 30 is not divisible by 4.

9. From @ dafrogmamma: I think it's a good move. Just need time to get used to it.

8. From @icetheoffice: It makes sound financial sense while giving the league a chance to show off the best players. A positive step.

7. From @22longhunter: this new alignment plan is the best thing to happen to hockey, now I'm guaranteed to be able to see every team.

6. From @DCFanatic4life: SanJoseSharks It's okay with actual realigning, but don't like the playoff w/ all intraconference until round 3

5. From @terriwpg: I miss Dallas and Detroit series already! Sincerely, NHL early round Playoffs!

4. From @JediDMA: Impressed w/ new alignment. Sharks play all teams at least 2X / playoff format will bring more heated rivalries

From @A22Q: Canucks vs Sharks all day!!

2. From @SRobo44: Finally get to see all teams play each other every year & you have to EARN your way in to the playoffs.

From @_yaren__: Payback to the #Nucks. That is all.

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