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Twitter 10: Helmets and Visors

by Patrick Hooper / San Jose Sharks

One of the hot topics in hockey as of late has been the debate about requiring players to wear helmets during warmups and practice. That very same debate often springs in to a discussion about requiring players to wear half shield visors on their helmets. Each discussion weighs the benefits of a potential improvement in player safety against a player's free will and change being forced upon them.

We asked Sharks twitter fans to share their opinions on both issues. Should players be forced to wear helmets during warmups? Should visors be a requirement for all players? All responses were sent to the Sharks official Twitter account @SanJoseSharks and the top 10 responses are counted down below.

10. From @michael_n78: Yeah, they should. In motorsport nobody would think about to drive w/o in warmups.

9. From @moons21: Players should be allowed to choose for themself visor or not. Warmup...helmet for sure...too many pucks flying around.

From @Chris_M12: Helmets during warmups no, visors should required because of the way players are shooting the puck in today's game.

From @stephdob: Should be required just as a Biker has to wear a Helmet. SAVE THE BRAIN!! Same for a visor, SAVE THE FACE!

6. From @13Byrne: in the new #CBA helmets WITH Visors must be Grandfathered in why do Jr players take them off when they turn Pro

5. From @FlySkippyZudrak: How about we line the boards with Nerf, make the puck, posts, and pads out of Nerf? -- In a word: No.

4. From @TorxSpec: Yes. Have you seen how many pucks are out there in warm ups!? Only takes one lapse of concentration.

3. From @R6_Princess: I don't think players should be forced to wear helmets OR visors. It's a personal choice.

2. From @Isewinsf: No, it should be their own choice. Rules should never be made because of one freak accident. Bad law writing.

1. From @JakeDParent: Best reason for players to wear protection is to set a good example for the kids who look up to them.

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