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Twitter 10: Experience at a Sharks Home Game

by Patrick Hooper / San Jose Sharks
Twitter 10 is a weekly segment that poses questions to @SanJoseSharks Twitter followers. The top 10 answers will then be featured the San Jose Sharks website. For a chance to be featured on, follow the Sharks official Twitter account and look for next week's question. Then, check back to on Monday to see if your answer made it to the Twitter 10.

Here are this week’s top answers from Sharks fans describing the experience of a Sharks home game at HP Pavilion. All responses were sent to the Sharks official Twitter account @SanJoseSharks and the top 10 responses are counted down below.

10. From @michael_n78: Never been to the USA, but giant shark head on the ice and Seek & Destroy on my tv = goose bumps.

9. From @MeeksAHockeyGuy: The smell of the ice and the high five's you get from complete strangers after a Sharks goal are the best!

8. From @maricrisxx: it's like going to Disneyland for the first time, everytime... but better.

7. From @MattDear: Watching a Shark's game at home is an experience this tweet is unable to convey.

6. From @The_BenMears: Seeing a live Sharks home game is exciting, loud, and will turn even your grandma into a hockey fan.

5. From @lonmceachern: Team taking the ice: Electrifying. Goal scored: Eardrum busting. Daughter enjoying first game: Priceless

4. From @bleachers146: Best pre-game entrance in SPORTS; Starts with Sharkie, climaxes w/ team entering through shark head.

3. From @Pooks_rutherfor: Electricity generated by the fans & the team. CHEERING LOUDLY. And I’ve been doing it for 20 years!

2. From @kayla_shmayla: a sea of teal & black, so loud u can't hear yourself scream, intimidating the enemy and sending chills of excitement thru ur body

1. From @psgustafson: Unquestionably THEE best professional sports entertainment experience in the Bay Area, and possibly, the WORLD!

Honorable Mention:
From @sjsharkie: ME!

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