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Twitter 10: #BigPavelskiFacts

by Patrick Hooper / San Jose Sharks

Sharks forward Joe Pavelski has been on a tear of late, scoring eye catching goals, leading the league in faceoff percentage, and guiding San Jose to victories.

Given his recent success combined with a popular nickname that conjurs up ties to a cult favorite movie, we asked Sharks twitter followers to share their favorite #BigPavelskiFacts relating to his all around talent. All responses were sent to the Sharks official Twitter account @SanJoseSharks and the top 10 responses are counted down below.

10. From @GenDisarraySJ: You want a goal? He can get you a goal, believe him. He can get you a goal by 3 pm this afternoon. #BigPavelskiFacts

9. From @GreenManV: Joe Pavelski is so awesome at faceoffs that the refs don't even bother dropping the puck anymore. #BigPavelskiFacts

8.From @joe_lami: he doesn't go to the puck, the puck goes to him #bigpavelskifacts

7. From @DanSellery: He really ties the room together #BigPavelskiFacts

6. From @SJ_chancie: Joe Pavelski once grew a beard, that beards name was Chuck Norris #BigPavelskiFacts

5. From @danneyflores: Cupid wishes he had a shot like Pavs #BigPavelskiFacts

4. From @winegumz: #BigPavelskiFacts He once saved a women falling off a building by tipping her into a safety net. #handeyeskills

3. From @SymonWoo: Joe Pavelski is so #clutch, once an engineer tried to install him in a manual-drive car. #BigPavelskiFacts #GearJokes

2. From @GenDisarraySJ: He is not "Mr. Pavelski". He's Pavs. Y'know, that, or El Pavelskerino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing. #BigPavelskiFacts

1. From @Trevor_Ezaki: #BigPavelskiFacts The Swiss were inspired to design the army knife after Joe Pavelski's versatility in all situations.

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