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Twitter 10: All-Star Nominations

by Patrick Hooper / San Jose Sharks
Twitter 10 is a weekly segment that poses questions to @SanJoseSharks Twitter followers. The top 10 answers will then be featured the San Jose Sharks website. To see your tweets on, follow the Sharks official Twitter account and look for next week's question on Sunday. Then, check back to the following day to see if your answer made it to the Twitter 10.

Here are this week’s top answers from Sharks fans nominating which San Jose Shark they would most want to seen as an All-Star. All responses were sent to the Sharks official Twitter account @SanJoseSharks and the top 10 responses are counted down below.

From @MeeksAHockeyGuy: @Burnzie88 because his mustache makes him an All-Star!

9. From @syxtfour: #64, Jamie McGinn. He's been in the thick of it all lately and his team spirit and hard work should be celebrated.

From @javier_romero: Anti Niemi, best goalie ever

7. From @scrappinkikiv: My 6 year old Total Sharks fan said Patrick Marleau. When asked why he said "Because he's my favorite player"

6. From @wholikescatsido: Vlasic.+5 this season and has been the most consistent d-man.

From @wramirezjr: The Big Pavelski, Logan, and Hav-Some (Havlat) should be all-stars!

From @mfow_BLAU: joe pavs because he can do it all. Dangle, run the point, take faceoffs, kill penalties and SNIPE

3. From @michael_n78: Joe Thornton, a guy who doesnt know anything bout giving up.

2. From @get_keebsy: "Little" Joe; he's a true Shark, amazing stats, and not so little any more.

From @prescottb: All of them. Because they're all awesome.

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