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The Ruppel's Sharks Themed Wedding - 4/20/2013

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks

For two Sharks fans that had their first official date at The Tank (one being a Charter Season Ticket Holder from the Cow Palace days), what could be more appropriate than having a Sharks themed wedding? That was us, Karen & Ken Ruppel.

Allow us to take you through that truly magical day…

It was a beautiful October day (10/10). While the family was busy decorating the backyard of the Father of the Groom’s house, the hairdresser, the Daughter of the Groom, was busily styling my hair. She created a beautiful ‘up-do’, while placing a gorgeous tiara made of TEAL Swarovski crystals shaped into flowers. The Groom was getting ready and the Pastor, my son, was meeting with the happy couple for a quick review and prayer.

Click here to see photos from the event

Finally, it was time and excitement was boiling over! We peeked out of the window to see all of the guests in the beautiful backyard – everyone was dressed in Sharks gear or teal colors, as requested in the invitations (SO awesome).

We wore custom made Sharks jerseys. As Bride, I had a white jersey (white being her wedding dress) which read “Bride” on the back of it with the #10 and the “A” for alternate Captain. The Groom wore a black jersey (black being his tuxedo) which read “Groom” on the back with the #10 and the Captain “C” (and let’s be clear he was given the C for just ONE day!). Meanwhile the Pastor was also dressed for the occasion wearing a hockey ref uniform!

A BIG LAUGH came when we realized just how big of hockey fans most of our friends are. When planning our wedding, we envisioned that when the Pastor was to go down the aisle, he was going to get booed, and BOOED he did - it was PERFECT! Laughter erupted from the house. It may just be the first time a Pastor was booed going down the aisle to a wedding - great stuff!

The wedding march started to play. I started my walk down the aisle to … wait for it … Metallica! Now this may be the first time a bride has marched down the aisle to Metallica, but this is yet just another touch of perfection because of how many years all of the fans have heard the Sharks skate out to their music. And so continues their dream Sharks wedding!

During the vows there was a water ceremony. I poured yellow, while the Groom poured blue into a beautiful Sharks pilsner glass and it made a perfect teal! Meanwhile, the guests munched on popcorn, cotton candy and Red Vines during the ceremony -- just like they would at any game!

I wore my teal diamond engagement ring and teal tiara of flowers. The diamonds were shaped into flowers because of our couple song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. In the song there is a line that says, “I’ll put a flower in your hair!” At the wedding, the Groom’s daughter and his best friend sung the song.

Each and every step of the wedding was so beautiful, so fun, so Sharks! As the ceremony came to a conclusion, the Pastor said the most awesome thing, “You may now kiss my Mom” - a perk of the Pastor being the Son of the Bride! After we were announced as Husband and Wife to the guests, immediately a noise erupted … BWWAAAAHHHHH (the goal horn which sounded LOUD) and the Bride, Groom and Pastor led the guests to the goal/game celebration! "Na Na Na Na Na HEY!" as we filed out!

When reaching the house there were high-five’s all around! Soon after the newly married couple entered the backyard, we were met with ice cold beers (Alaskan Amber Ale - our favorite at HP Pavilion). Yes, this wedding was a kegger! Then we had lunch, which was catered by Togo’s - sandwich trays, dips trays, fruit trays and veggie trays. We often grab dinner from Togo’s while we watch our beloved team! It was quite a feast on teal plates with teal forks and knifes. We even had teal linens and Sharks napkins that looked just like jerseys. Our cakes were decorated with laser imaging. There was one picture of us at a Sharks game and the other was of the Sharks logo!

And if all of that had not been awesome enough, we walked around table to table handing our guests the wedding favors - real hockey pucks made in Canada that say “Official Wedding Puck” across the top of them, with “Ken & Karen” and the wedding date along the bottom with a custom-made logo (made by us) in the middle, two hockey sticks crossing and a teal heart wrapping them together. The Groom has this logo as a tattoo on his right arm, a beautiful reminder of our special day!

Wonderful day! How could it get any better? But it continued and the magical moments kept coming! After saying goodbye to the guests, we headed off for HP Pavilion with our two photographers and Pastor in tow. We took so many pictures at the park across from the arena, down Santa Clara Street and in front of The Tank! But some of the best shots were taken (with a quick stop to celebrate with the Tank’s best bartenders Dino and Danny on the way) in the seats where we shared our first date and where we continue to be season ticket holders. Our Sharks that night gave us the best wedding gift of the evening - a WIN!

That was our special day and when we said that it was magical we hope you agree! It was filled with not only the love for each other but also a deep love for the team that is a big part our lives! All our friends have said it was the best wedding ever! To help keep the memories alive, the office in our house has walls painted teal, a Sharks NHL rug, our wedding jerseys framed and displayed, and many of our favorite photo moments from the day also framed on the wall! So when we say we love our boys, it truly does run deep to our hearts! We will be forever grateful to our Sharks - because of them we met. May you each find your true love and experience magical moments like we did and for those that already have, enjoy all the special moments you make each day! Lastly … GO SHARKS!

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