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The Fundamentals Of Broadcasting

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks
It all began October 26, 2005, a cool, crisp evening in Dallas, Texas when Dan Rusanowsky, doing the play-by-play for the Sharks, used the word postulate during the broadcast.
It’s been over a month since I forayed into the world of broadcasting and there are parts of the business that I had never thought of.  For instance, how many times can you say, good save, great hit, nice pass, good shot, great play – you get the point.  To be in the broadcasting business you need to have a bevy of words to use.  That is where I ran into a roadblock.  Let me quickly explain:
Dan Rusanowsky went to St. Lawrence University.  Jamie Baker went to St. Lawrence University.  Dan Rusanowsky went to the library at SLU, Jamie Baker played hockey at SLU.  That said, I did take Poetry 101 as one of my electives and was quite fond of, and good at writing haikus and limericks.  (As a side note, Dan was the radio play-by-play man my freshman year at SLU in 1985).  Now back to Dallas on Oct 26.
During the next break I asked Dan what postulated meant so I could understand how it correlated with a hockey game.  After that, I started writing down more ‘Dan the Man’ sayings.  At the end of the game, in trying to get better acquainted with these broadcasting terms, I put them into a poetic storyline. 
The purpose of this Seagate Technology’s ‘In The Crease’ is two-fold:
1.       To share some of the wonderful broadcast sayings I have learned from ‘Dan the Man’ the past few weeks.
2.       To ask for help in naming our new segment.  After the three stars are named at the end of each broadcast, I share my poetic storyline but we do not have a title for this segment.   (At this time there is no prize for the winning name, but I expect that my friend, mentor and boss, can come up with something). 
Without further ado, here are some of Dan’s sayings and the poetic storylines that followed.
Oct 26 – SJ at Dallas

·         Postulated
·         To boot (a cousin of  aboot, which is Canadian for about)
·         Belies the reputation
·         Great skating legs
·         Hate-on
·         Crack at the can

The Sharks had a hate on for the great skating legs of the Dallas Stars who postulated another Stars home win that belies their reputation, but Team Teal ratchets up as the game goes on, and with one crack at the can they got a last minute goal and an overtime goal to boot. 
Oct 28 – SJ at LA

·         Stick-to-itiveness
·         Newfangled
·         Ham sandwich and a Pepsi
·         Nitty-gritty time
·         Hopes were quickly dashed
·         How do you like that for entertainment?
·         Deftly skitters
·         See-saw teeter-totter
·         Righted the ship
·         Put a cherry on top

The Sharks came to LA with a newfangled confidence after an OT win in Dallas and deftly unveiled their stick-to-itiveness nitty-gritty style and after a ham sandwich and a Pepsi, you can put a cherry on top of that as LA’s hopes were quickly dashed in the see-saw teeter-totter battle as San Jose righted its ship with a late Cheechoo goal for a 5-4 win.  How do you like that for entertainment?
Oct 29 – CGY at SJ

·         Smidgeon
·         Pinballed and ricocheted
·         Cardiac kids
·         Thrusting Calgary into organized mayhem
·         Hierarchal theory of values
·         Grimacing in pain
·         You be the judge of that
·         Tricky misdirection knuckleball dip
·         Bang-bang
·         Quick rapid fire
·         Zigging and Zagging
·         Bevy of players

The cardiac kids, using their hierarchal theory of values, used a bevy of players with reckless abandon to thrust Calgary into organized mayhem with another late comeback as a tricky misdirection knuckleball dip shot from Brad Stuart pinballed and ricocheted past Kiprosoff, who was a smidgeon surprised by the bang bang quick rapid fire shot.  After overtime, the zigging-zagging continued until Nils Ekman sent Calgary home grimacing in pain as he fired the winning goal to give the Sharks their third last minute comeback win in a row.  Team Teal has no quit in them, but you be the judge of that.
Nov 5 – MIN at SJ

·         Booming blast
·         Non-plust
·         Configuration
·         Complementation
·         Deflated energized Sharks team
·         Bounces & careens
·         Acrobatically entertaining
·         Ferociously checked
·         Tricky hop
·         Crochet a rug
·         Auspicious start
·         Couldn’t negotiate contact
·         Big strapping winger

Dwayne Roloson was acrobatically entertaining as Minnesota looked like they were crocheting a rug in an auspicious start as the Sharks ferociously checked and hoped for some tricky hops to score an early goal.  The Minnesota penalty killing deserves complementation as they deflated an energized Sharks team that used some power play configuration changes by using big strapping winger Steve Bernier to crash the Minnesota net in hope of tipping in a booming blast.  The Sharks looked like they were going to mount another 3rd period comeback as a tricky hop bounced and careened out front to Marcel Goc who tied the game but Minnesota looked non-plust as Schaeffer couldn’t negotiate contact on a Rolston shot 21 seconds later that led to the winning goal and ending the Sharks 5 game winning streak.
We are looking to name this portion of the broadcast so if you have any ideas please email
For Seagate Technology’s In The Crease, I’m Jamie Baker
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