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Talking About The Hit

by Jamie McGinn / San Jose Sharks

I’m getting asked a lot about the play that sent me into the boards. It was a freak accident when I was chasing the puck down. I knew we were tired and needed a change and if it’s icing you can’t get a change so I was trying hard to reach it first. The way the puck came off I was trying to get a shot off and was disappointed I didn’t get the shot.

I was going in head first and I twisted the body as good as I could. I was fortunate the way I went in is probably the best way I could have gone in. I was trying to twist my body so I didn’t take the full impact with my head.

I think my body was just in shock from hitting the boards so hard and that is why I was down. I got the wind knocked out of me a little. I’m not the type of player to lie on the ice. I wanted to get up as fast as I could and play the rest of the game.

It was worth it because of the goal. I’ll take a bullet for any one of these guys to win. I’ll do those little things and I’m just happy we scored on the PP.

I’m sore today, but I plan on playing. It’s game number two and I’m not going to miss it, I’m not going to take myself out. I don’t think Commodore meant to do it at all. It was just a freak play and I’m glad I’m O.K.

Let’s home tonight goes as well as last night.

Sweden has been great so far. The biggest highlight didn’t have much to do with Sweden. Yesterday Joe Thornton was named captain when we were all on the ice. Over the last few years I’ve gotten to know Joe pretty well. I know he is really excited about it and it was nice that we all got to be together. Nobody knew before hand. It was a real honor for him and we’re really excited for him. I think the whole team is energized that he is our captain.

He is one of the easiest guys to talk to in the lockerroom and you feel comfortable and part of the crew. We were roommates last year on the road and who knows what will happen last year.

Sweden is beautiful. Right when you come in you see the water and the bridges. Just overlooking the city and the islands is great and all the buildings are gorgeous. It’s just a different feeling when cities are on the water. Logan and I went on a tour of old town and it was good to see the culture and some of the symbols of Sweden. We took in a lot of information and took pictures with the guards at the castle. It was neat to see a person with a massive gun and a huge knife on the end of it. You don’t see those every day.

I saw the castle in Germany and saw the one here, so it’s been a good trip off the ice taking it all in.

Now the season is here. It’s feels like we’ve been waiting a long time. Today is game day and I’m excited and ready. I opened up last year in Colorado and then was sent down after that. Hopefully this year I stay up for a while, if not all year.

I think our team is ready to go. Wish us luck tonight.

Yesterday we had a nice golf day, but it was warmer than we thought and the sun tired us out. We heard it was supposed to be mild and wet for the golf outing, but it didn’t matter because it was a beautiful course and we had a lot of fun.

At the dinner the Mannheim team hosted after the tournament I finally had some real German food. We had three different kinds of sausages. Everyone was really nice during our stay in Germany, but the culture is a little different. There is no ice put in your drinks so you have to ask for it. Little things like that.

We had a good last skate today before we leave. I did the autograph session after practice and it was good to give back to the fans who came to watch us skate. It let us pay respect to them and that is what today was all about. The other guys said the hospital visit definitely made them appreciate what we have.

Now we’re looking forward to Sweden. It seems like most guys are getting adjusted to the time change and that’s good since we have to be on the bus at 7 a.m.

I’ll touch base from a new country on Tuesday from our next country.

Last night got off to a bad start. I plugged in my noise machine maker beside my bed, put my head on the pillow and about two minutes later heard a huge pop. I leaned over and all I could smell was smoke and my noise machine maker blew up because there was too much electricity going into it. The wattage was too high. I lost a $100 noise maker the first night so it’s been a really good trip.

I did catch up on my sleep though. I was dozing off around 7 or 7:30 and Jumbo comes flying in the room telling us not to sleep yet because we’d be up all night and would ruin the whole trip. I tried to fight it as long as I could last night watching CNN and that put me to sleep. By 9:15 I was out cold. I woke up about 5, had some water and went back to sleep at until 7:30. I’m pretty much caught up on my sleep.

Our first meal in Germany wasn’t the most exciting ever, we had Subway as if we were back in California. We went walking around and it was all shopping, but nothing to eat. The four of us saw a Subway and decided let’s just go there, so it was a Subway dinner. It was myself, Wallin, Mitchell and Boyle. I figured being with Wallin he would have found us some good food.

The hotel is really nice, but it has some different things about it. The rooms are pretty small so we each get our own room. I like having a roommate so it’s not a plus for me. All the beds are twin beds pushed together. When Jumbo came down complaining because he had two single beds pushed together we all told him we had king sized beds and we had him going.

The tub sits really high and I’m not sure how Scotty Nichol gets in it, it’s about four feet in the air. He said he had a bath last night so I was imitating how get had to get in doing the army roll into the bathtub because he couldn’t jump in.

That’s all I have for today. Hopefully we’ll have a good game and I’ll have more for tomorrow.


The plane ride ended up going pretty well. I’m not sure how much sleep I got. I just remember feeling tired and then hearing the announcement that we were preparing to land. It only felt like a five hour trip for me. I slept underneath the chairs and by the wall, so I had my little borough right there. It was pretty funny. The stewardess kept tripping over my head apparently, but I was so tired it didn’t matter to me. I was comfy.

The bus ride here was long though. It was more than an hour to the rink. It was worth it though because using the airport we did allowed us to use the plane we did.

When we got to the rink it was nice to see food laid out for us, which was a surprise. It was pretty nice.

The arena is beautiful and looks brand new. It was nice to get out there and get a couple of laps in today. It let us adjust to the bigger rink.

Tonight is all about a getting a nice meal and catching up on some sleep. I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

Round two of the blog and we’re on the plane now. It’s already early in the morning in Germany and we’re going to practice when we land. I think it will be at least seven more hours.

This plane is amazing. Right away I started taking pictures. I’ve been on a plane the size of this once, but not with the same seating arrangement. It’s just a different experience. There is a lounge up front and even a bed. Right now I think our equipment manager Mike Aldrich is in it. He needs to rest up because he’s been working hard, getting everything ready for the trip. That’s well deserved.

This flight is nothing like the flights from Boston to San Jose for me and some of the other guys last year. Those were all coach seats and you can’t move much on them. You stiffen up because you’re crammed in there and you can’t just stand in the aisle. This seems like a country club because of the service and the space.

The stewardesses and the cook seem to be outdoing themselves. It seems like we have everything we could ask for. It makes it so much easier. Scott Nichol and I were talking and he said “What’s jet lag?” You can’t get jet lag flying like this. I feel like I’m sitting in my living room. This has been a pretty cool flight.

A lot of stuff has been happening on the plane. I thought after the first hour or two everyone would be resting, but everyone is still going right now which is surprising. Hopefully I can get a more than four hours sleep or it will be tough to practice.

There was a funny incident early on the flight with Husky’s phone. We were playing Scrabble and at one point it was between Demers and Husky and they were on other sides of the plane. They were throwing it back and forth between each turn. When the plane was taking off and we were rising, butterfingers Mitchell dropped it and it slid all the way down the aisle to the back.

One of the stewardesses picked it up and took Demers’ move. She put in the word and he was mad about it, but it was probably a better word than he would have come up with.

I’m getting some sleep now so that’s it.

I’m going to be checking in for most of our trip to Europe, so hopefully I’ll have some interesting updates for you.

I’m really excited just thinking about going. It’s been in the back of our minds for while and now it’s finally here. This trip to Europe is something I want to experience and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I don’t know much about Germany except Greiss is from there. It is my first trip to Germany and it will be fun to get to know the place.

I’ve been to Sweden before for the under-18 team for Team Canada. It was a neat experience and the culture and the people were great. The food was a little different, but you get used to it. It was just nice to see something different.

What I think I will enjoy the most on the trip is the team bonding. We’ll be experiencing the different cultures, but we’ll be doing it together and that will be the best part.

As for today’s flight, I’ve heard some nice things about the plane we are taking. I’ve been on a double decker plane once before, but on the main floor, so I may spend a couple of hours checking it out. I’m pretty sure I won’t be allowed in the cockpit though.

I’ll spend a lot of hours on the iPod, shooting the breeze and hopefully getting some sleep, maybe around eight hours. I think there will be a lot of excitement the first couple of hours on the plane, but after that it will die off pretty quick and you’ll start to see the guys fade. As we get closer to Germany, I think the energy will pick back up.

I hope everyone has fun following us on the trip. I’ll try to check in every day.

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