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Sharks Territory Finals - 9/26/2012

by Sarah Peters / San Jose Sharks

Sharks fans, here are your finalists for the Sharks Territory fan photo contest!

Every Wednesday for the past 19 weeks, we posted the best 3-5 photos of the week on the Daily Chomp blog. Fans voted on their favorite photo each week. The winner of the week's best photo won a mini Sharks Territory sign autographed by their favorite Sharks player. Now, the 19 weekly winners will square off for the best photo of the offseason and the Grand Prize - a team signed, full size Sharks Territory sign plus two tickets to a 2012-13 game!

Check out the top fan photos and be sure to vote on which one you think is the best in the poll below.

Week 1: Reid Kaneshiro

Week 2: Bonnie McClory

Week 3: Ron VanVarden

Week 4: Joseph Hospodor

Week 5: Seferino Aguilar

Week 6: Shahan Vartivarian

Week 7: Charles Young

Week 8: Anne Wong

Week 9: Neslie Ricasa

Week 10: Ian King

Week 11: Juraj Harandza

Week 12: Tim Jordan

Week 13: Damon Blum

Week 14: Cassandra Chao

Week 15: Jeff Little

Week 16: Jakob Patch

Week 17: April Lofgren

Week 18: Trisha Singhal

Week 19: Dallas Oliver

The voting period has now ended.

*Voting ends at 12 p.m. PT on Wednesday, October 3, 2012.

Request your own Sharks Territory sign at

Click here to view more Sharks Territory photo submissions.

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