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Sharks In Newly-Formed "Conference A"

by Dan Rusanowsky / San Jose Sharks

The NHL Board of Governors approved a radical four-conference realignment on Monday night.

I’m liking the fact that the “Eastern-Western” format is eliminated in a way that is reasonable for all concerned.

Their schedule looks like a variant of what I proposed. While there will only be one trip to places like Nashville, Chicago, and Detroit, there will be guaranteed trips to every city, and that’s great for the sport. It’s a worthwhile trade-off.

Now, while my playoff revision would allow for any team to play any other team in the Final, this looks like a revamped playoffs that would increase the possibilities in the final four.

If the four conference champions are seeded in order of points, the Sharks’ potential opponents in a Stanley Cup Final would up from 15 teams to 22, which is an improvement. There is no possibility of the Sharks and LA playing each other in either the semi-final or final now, so I’m not fully satisfied, but I like the potential to face more teams in a Final. It looks pretty good.

Let’s hope that there is no thought about a bracket system for playoffs. The way it is is an improvement over what occurred.
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