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Sharks Free Agent Signing Adam Burish Q&A

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks

Adam Burish talked about joining the San Jose Sharks shortly after his signing. Here are some highlights from that Q & A session.

On selecting San Jose

Burish: Doug Wilson was the first one to call this morning, called at 9:01 AM this morning. McLellan was also on the call.

Doug Wilson: Burish was the very first call he made. Feels Burish is a guy that "fits right a heartbeat guy."

Wilson: Burish also expressed interest in playing in SJ.

Burish: Spoke with other teams, went through the process to make sure he made the right decision. Says he had a good feeling with San Jose and is familiar with some of the players. The nice California weather is an added bonus.

Burish: Money and location weren't the most important thing, but being on a team that can win a Stanley Cup.

Burish: "I don't want to go to a team that's rebuilding...I want to be on a team that's looking for a Stanley Cup...I want to win."

Burish: "I think San Jose has a chance to win a Stanley Cup, and that's why I'm here."

Burish: Four-year term was last part of his deal that got done

On his connections to the Sharks

Burish: Mike Potenza was the strength coach at Wisconsin when Burish played there, along with Pavs.

Burish: He and Pavs talk every summer back in Madison... Burish says he wants to bring "excitement" to players like Havlat and Thornton. He thinks Jumbo is one of the best players in the league, and thinks SJ has a "deep team" and "wants to help them [San Jose] find a way to win a Stanley Cup."

Pavelski: "One of the first things Burish told me after his deal was was 'Let's go win a cup.'"

On his projected role with the Sharks

McLellan:  He will probably be a utility player in San Jose.

Pavelski: Thinks Burish will be one of the leaders on the PK, brings the attitude, is competitive, and has a strong will to compete.

Burish: "Killing penalties - if that means diving first in front of the puck, then I'm going to find a way to get it done."

Burish: "The number one goal when you get a penalty is to kill a penalty...I want to be one of the top penalty killing teams in the league. That's my goal"

Burish: "If I were on Sharks and had to listen to everybody rag on Joe Thornton every year in playoffs, it'd piss me off." Wants that to end.

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