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Sharks Forward Logan Couture Q&A on the NHL Draft Experience

by Sarah Peters / San Jose Sharks

Leading up to the 2012 NHL Draft, had the opportunity to chat with Sharks forward Logan Couture about his own draft experience and memories from the event. What you have been doing now that the season is over?

LC: I came back home to London, Ontario and I’ve been here for about a month. I had surgery when the season was over on my shoulder, so I’ve been rehabbing that and started working out about a month ago to get ready for next year. I’ve been hanging out with my family and working out, and that is pretty much all I’ve been doing. Do you miss being in San Jose or is it kind of nice to be home for a little bit before season starts back up?

LC: I do miss it, but it is nice to be back here with my family and I get to see a lot of friends that I don’t see during the hockey year so it’s good to be back home. What was more difficult, the combine and the interview process or being in the arena and waiting for your name to be called? (Question from @LadyStanley)

LC: Those were both pretty tough. The combine was probably the hardest thing. I think I had twenty-six interviews with different teams over a two day period. So that was long and on the third day I had to do the fitness testing in the morning and that was very, very difficult. It was tough on the body and just a tough weekend overall. And sitting before the draft was pretty tough. You don’t know where you’re going to go, and I was pretty nervous. But it was all worth it.

CLICK HERE FOR COMPREHENSIVE SHARKS DRAFT COVERAGE Had you ever been through that difficult of a fitness test? Was this something above and beyond what you were used to? What was that like?

LC: Yeah, I mean it was pretty tough. It was all back to back to back and you never got a break. You were doing the whole thing in front of the scouts and the general managers so that made it a lot tougher. It wouldn’t be testing if it wasn’t really, really tough. The Sharks and 67’s have strong organizational ties, what was going through your mind when the trade was announced that San Jose had moved up to the ninth spot? We’re you expecting to be called or what did you think?

LC: Well you can never expect things like that. I had feelings throughout the day that Florida had some interest in me at number ten, and I was sitting with my family and my agent and when they announced that San Jose traded up to number nine. I did have a feeling that that was where I would go but you’re never certain until you hear the name called. (Read Sharks GM Doug Wilson confirm that Logan was right.) Once you heard your name called, what went through your mind? What was your first thought? Where you thinking like “Oh I’ve made it to the big leagues” or more like “I wonder what San Jose is like?” (Question from Julius Llanes via Facebook)

LC: It was just a lot of feelings mixed into one and it was just happiness. I was proud of what I had accomplished and it was awesome that I got to spend it with my parents, my brother, and my grandparents. It was just a great feeling. I did have an interview with San Jose but didn’t really know them that well, so it was good to start meeting everyone in the organization at that point. You mention that your parents, brother, and grandparents were all there; did you have any coaches or mentors with you also at the draft? (Question from @shanner11)

LC: Just my agent was there, no former coaches. Just friends and family, I had some neighbors there. We were kind of a smaller group, just the closest people to me I had there so it was good. Was there a teammate you were most excited to meet when drafted by the Sharks? (Question from @Donini_98)

LC: It was weird because Jamie McGinn and Derek Joslin were drafted to San Jose, and I was just excited that I would get to spend some time with them again. But going into the draft I didn’t really know much about San Jose or the west coast teams, but I knew about the best players that they had obviously, Marleau, Pavelski, so it was an honor just to get drafted to a great team.

CLICK HERE FOR COMPREHENSIVE SHARKS DRAFT COVERAGE After everything, after the draft activities were complete like the photo shoots, interviews, and signings, how did you feel when the day was finally over? Was it a relief or was it a moment like “Wow, this big moment has eclipsed and now I’m ready to start my next journey?” Or were you so excited that you couldn’t sleep at night? (Question from Jorge Impala Zamora via Facebook)

LC: I was actually exhausted. It was a long, long day. It was tough to sleep leading up to the draft, especially the night before, I only got a couple of hours of sleep at most. Then you wake up and you basically spend the whole day thinking about it. You get there and you sit through the picks until you hear yours and then you spend about an hour doing pictures and interviews. Then, you meet the whole staff of the team that drafts you and go over the plans for your summer and stuff like that. I didn’t get out of there until close to midnight. So I was just exhausted and decided to go back to the hotel with my family and I think I went right to bed. What’s it like watching the new young players go through the draft experience? (Question from Reed Baker via Facebook)

LC: It is fun. I know how they feel and how exciting it can be and how excited the families are. So, it’s definitely pretty cool. I watch it every year on TV and see obviously who we pick and there are some kids from my area who are always drafted so it’s always fun to watch. Do you personally have any connections to any of these players? Do you know them well or just know their names and who they are?

LC: I’ve known a lot of kids actually in the last couple of years that have been drafted. This year, I don’t think I know anyone too well. Maybe I’ve skated with them before but I don’t know anyone personally in this draft.

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