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Sharks Chat with Logan Couture

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks

Here is the transcript from Sharks 2007 First Round Draft Pick Logan Couture's Live Chat. The chat was held on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 3:00 PM (Pacific).

Kurt Carlton (831, Cali): What is your favorite band?
Logan Couture: Kenny Chesney
Bridget (san jose): what emotions went through your head when you were drafted??
Logan Couture: Relief. Excitment. I was just happy for everyone who supported me to get to where I am.
Margo (san jose): single? we female fans would like to know...
Logan Couture: Yes.
Rachele (My House): What's it like to travel so far from home to play for a team like the San Jose Sharks?
Logan Couture: I live in Ottawa to play hockey for the 67's which is six hours away from my hometown in London. I was 16 when I moved away from home so I'm used to it.
Tony Balsam (Brentwood,CA): How will you carry your regular season performance mode, into the playoffs, to perform at that higher level, necessary to compete with the best?
Logan Couture: With Ottawa we've made the past two years so i have a little bit of playoff expereince. The playoffs are a bit different than the regular season and over my career I have been successful in the playoffs.
Margie (Sacramento, CA.): Welcome to San JOse Logan! Hope you enjoy working with a hardworking team as the Sharks! Will you be staying w/a fellow teammate? When will you officially skate w/the Sharks? GOOOO SHARKS!
Logan Couture: The prospects camp is July 9 and I'm not sure who I'm staying with.
Stephen (Canada, Ontario): hey logan, congratulations! If you weren't chosen by the sharks, what other club would you like to be a part of? Also were you nervous that you wouldn't be chosen? Thanks and good luck!
Logan Couture: It didn't matter to me what team picked me. I had a good idea that I was going to be picked so I wasn't nervous.
james (ripon): what is the best part about the draft besides being drafted?
Logan Couture: Probably just getting down to see all the other players because I know most of them from playing with them or against them. It was nice to see them.
janet (san jose): Hi, I was wondering if you are glad that you've been selected by San Jose? And if there are any players on the team right now that you want to learn from? Thanks, and goodluck training!
Logan Couture: Yea I was. I was happy to be selected by San Jose and to play with any of their players would be good for me. I can learn a lot from them.
chris dahlstrom (foster city, ca.): Logan- what was your first thought in playing with joe thornton and jonathan cheechoo? and have you ever been to the bay area before?
Logan Couture: It would be a great expereince playing with those two players. I have been to the Bay Area before.
Jerry Kay (Boulder Creek, CA): Hi, Logan. Congratulations! I wonder who you know from junior A who plays in the Sharks organization, and who impresses you.
Logan Couture: I know Derek Joslin and Jamie McGinn and they're teammates of mine. They both impress me. They're great players and they have great futures ahead of them.
Dan Rose (St Thomas Ont Can): Congradulations Logan . What advise could you give to any young players that are currently hoping tp play Major Jr Hockey at 16 years old regarding the over all work effort and how to prepare for day to day life in Junior
Logan Couture: Keep working. Never give up and continue to work on your skills.
Kristin and Courtney (): How does it feel to have shared a locker with Kristin and Courtney for a couple months? Best time of your life?
Logan Couture: It wasn't the best experience... haha.
Mike (Worcester, MA): Welcome to the sharks! The Worcester Sharks are excited about you coming! How do you think you will adapt to life in the pros?
Logan Couture: I think playing professional is a lot different. You are on your own and living on your own. My game is suiting for the professional type of game.
Margie (sacramento, ca): HOw do you feel about fighting in the NHL????
Logan Couture: I think if it's needed, it should stay. It keeps the fans happy and I know the fans love it. So i think it should still be part of the game.
Marian (SJ): Hey Logan! WHat's your favorite color?
Logan Couture: Blue.
Lacey (San Jose): Hey Logan! Congratulations on getting drafted by the Sharks!! My question for you is who on the current Sharks roster do you think your playing style most resembles?
Logan Couture: Probably not fully one person. I would like to think I have a little bit of Joe Thrornton because I'm a good play maker and a little bit of Patrick Marleau because I know hes a good leader and can score goals. Both of them I guess.
Lacey (San Jose): We're all looking forward to seeying you play. Are you happy that it was the Sharks that drafted you?
Logan Couture: Yes I am. I'm happy. They love Ottawa 67's players and that makes me a lot more comfortable. I knew when they traded up, they were looking at me. So it was pretty exciting for me.
Vivian H. (San Jose): What are your thoughts on possibly playing with guys like Thornton and Marleau?
Logan Couture: It's exciting. No matter what team picks you or you play for, you're going to play with great players. But guys like Joe Thornoton, we've taken similar paths in our career. We both played in St. Thomas Junion B's as 15 year-olds and he grew up only minutes away from where I grew up.
Vivian H. (San Jose): Were you at all surprised at being drafted by the Sharks?
Logan Couture: Yes I was. Going into the draft, I knew that San Jose didn't have a first round pick and I was projected to be a first round pick. On the draft day, they traded up to get a first round pick and I had originally not expected that, so I was a bit surprised.
tommy (san jose): hey logan wats up??? i just wanted to know how you felt when you heard your name called to go to the sharks?and also what was your favorite team when you were a kid
Logan Couture: The feeling can't be described. It's pretty much 15 years of my life going into one day. I felt happy for everyone in my family because they have sacrificed so much to get me to where I am now. In terms of my favorite team, I was always a Buffalo Sabres fan.
michael sweeney (vankleek hill ont): congratulations on being drafted by the Sharks. I watch you play with the 67's as I live near Ottawa. I will be playing Bantam Major AA this year and what can I do to improve my skating speed . Thanks Michael Sweeney.
Logan Couture: Work on it everytime you're on the ice. If you do any off-ice training, work on it there. Always practice hard and play hard and try to improve every opportunity you have on the ice.
Anthony Gonzalez (Hollister, CA): Hey! Who was your favorite hockey player when you were growing up? Well I hope you have a great summer!
Logan Couture: I have always been a Sabres fan so I've always liked Pat LaFontaine and Chris Drury.
Nicholle (Rohnert Park C.A.): Welcome to the sharks! What do you think you will bring to the team? Do you know any of the players who are on the team now?
Logan Couture: I am someone who works hard everyime I'm on the ice. I set up goals and score goals and I'm a leader on and off the ice. In terms of players on the team, I know Joe Thornton. I've met him a couple of times before.
Bruce Rounds (San Jose,California): Excited to Play With Big Joe?
Logan Couture: Of course. He is one of the best players in the league. If I ever get the opportunity to play with him it would be unbelievable.
Breanna P. (San Jose, CA): Hey Logan, How did you keep yourself encouraged to play hockey and go professional when you knew alot of other hockey players were going for the same goal? Thanks, Breanna p.s. Congrats!
Logan Couture: I always wanted to be in the NHL one day. You have to have something inside you, something that drives you to get there. Whether you want to prove someone wrong or live the dream.
Chase (San Jose): Did you have any idea that San Jose might have been the team to choose you?
Logan Couture: I really didn't because they didn't have a first round pick. I knew they liked players that played in Ottawa because they drafted two of my teammates and my agent is actually Joe Thornton's brother.
Cecile (San Jose): Hey Logan, What made you decide you wanted to be a center? Thanks, best of luck in the coming years!
Logan Couture: When I was playing hockey when I was younger, I was put into the center position and that is where I've played my whole life. So I have gotten used to it.

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