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Sharks Camp Snapshot: Melker Karlsson

by Nicole Grazioli /

Sharks Camp Snapshot is a quick chance to catch up with the guys from what they've done over the summer break to where their focus is entering Training Camp ahead of the 2016-17 season.

Learn about where forward Melker Karlsson spent his vacation this offseason. 

What was your favorite memory from last season?
My favorite memory was definitely the Final. It was a long season and to just go out there and give everything we had was really fun. It wasn't the ending that we were hoping for but it was a great experience. 

Where did you go on vacation this summer?
I went to my bachelor party in Iceland. It was fun. I went with a couple guys and relaxed for a week. We went to the hot baths and did some offroading in the mountains.

Any good movies, tv shows or book you watched or read during the offseason?
I watched Pablo Escobar. It's a good series. Got really into it this summer.

Teammate you missed most in the offseason?
I missed Chris Tierney - we have a lot of fun when we are here and on the road.

What is your individal focus for training camp and this season?
My focus is just to get better. We have an interesting year ahead of us and we are going to keep working hard.

What are you looking forward to most this season?
Just to have fun with the guys. Last year we had a lot of fun together. As long as you have fun I think you play better. I'm looking forward to playing with this group.

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