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Shark Life: Teal Travels Leads to Wedding Bells

by Casey Krygier @sanjosesharks /

We stumbled across an eye-catching story on the /r/hockey subreddit and had to reach out to learn more. Kevin Aguirre (Reddit user LA_Drone_415) met his now wife, Mary while on a flight from Southern California to the Bay all because she caught his eye with her Sharks apparel. Here's their teal travels love story as told by Kevin:

I met my wife, Mary, over five years ago. On a flight between LA and the Bay, I saw her wearing some Sharks gear, so I said hi. We learned that we were both from the Bay Area, but were living in Southern California at the time. We exchanged numbers, and a week later went on our first date at a bar in Orange County. 

Mary has family in Toronto, so they naturally got her into hockey. Growing up in the East Bay, Mary started watching Sharks games on TV around the age of 13, and she grew into a big Sharks fan. My first exposure to the Sharks was when I was five years old. My mom took my brother and me to see Disney On Ice at the Cow Palace. I remember seeing Sharks banners hanging around and thinking, "Woah, that logo looks cool." I didn't know anything about hockey but seeing that logo turned me into a young fan.

I always travel with my Pavelski Heritage sweater. Mary has a favorite Sharks hat and a couple of sweaters. We love repping teal in all cities. I wear my teal Pavelski shirt to work at least once a week. Despite the dirty looks and occasional comments from the locals, Mary and I never hesitate to wear our gear out in LA. She even has a Sharks license plate frame. And of course, there is constant rivalries between my Ducks and Kings loving "friends". 

If you couldn't tell already, my favorite player on the team is Captain America himself, Joe Pavelski. Mary loves Burnzie. How can you not love that beautiful bearded Wookiee? I have to mention Kevin Labanc too- we loved his play early on, and were lucky enough to meet him a couple of times. He's a really nice guy!

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Shark Life: Haunted Hockey

by Casey Krygier /

Carved pumpkins and clever costumes step aside, this Haunted boneyard deserves all the candy this Halloween. A couple of San Jose natives and huge Sharks fanatics decorated their front yard into a haunted hockey scene.

Spotted: Captain America aka Joe Pavelski, Jumbo, Burnzie and S.J. Sharkie facing off in the boneyard against the SoCal rival Ducks. 

Tweet from @sjsFINatic: #SJSharkie @sjsharkie Happy Halloween from the Boneyard and your ancestor Megalodonnie #SJSharks

Tweet from @sjsFINatic: Happy Halloween @jpav8 #SJSharks

This Hockey Halloween effort gets an A+ in our books. Now we know where we're going Trick-or-Treating tonight! 

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Shark Life: Bye Bye Beard

by Casey Krygier /

T'was two nights before the Home Opener, when all through Burnzie's house, 
The Sharks team got together, which caused a big Twitter rouse.

Joe Thornton did the unthinkable. He shaved his beard... with the help of his teammates who shared the historic moment on Twitter for all to witness.

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Shark Life: Rooted For Oakland

by Casey Krygier /

In the midst of Training Camp, preseason games and media frenzies, a few Sharks made their way up the Bay to show their support and root for the Oakland Athletics on #SharksNight.

 Tweet from @Athletics: *jaws theme*#SharksNight 

Logan Couture, Martin Jones, Timo Meier, and Sharks alum Jonathan Cheechoo repped their green and gold as the A's took on the Anaheim Angels on Tuesday night.

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Shark Life: Going To Need A Bigger Mask

by Ann Frazier /

The San Jose Sharks are not strangers to the 1975 Steven Spielberg blockbuster Jaws.

The infamous soundtrack is played ahead of every power play at home. Martin Jones featured the character Quint on his goalie mask during the 2017-18 season.

But Sharks prospect Antoine Bibeau just took the Jaws connection to the next level.

Recently revealed on Twitter by Air Brush Zap's Sylvie Poitras, Bibeau's new mask dedicates plenty of real estate to the classic movie. 

Tweet from @zonorange: #ccm #hockeymaskpainting #designsylviepoitras #airbrushzap #bibeaunewmask #jawsthemovie #jaws #lesdemtdelamer

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Shark Life: Happy Gilmore

by Ann Frazier /

Everyone is well aware of Sharks captain Joe Pavelski's skills on the ice. And now people know about his skills on the green.

This past weekend, Pavelski took part in the annual American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, his third time at the tournament. Rife with celebrities and athletes alike, the skill level of the players range from three-time champ Mark Mulder to the famously bad Charles Barkley. Turns out that Pavelski is more on the Mulder part of that range.

A lot more on the Mulder part of that range.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: This is now a @jpav8 golf highlights account. #ACCGolf

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Shark Life: Meant To Be

by Ann Frazier /

Sometimes, things are almost fated to happen. 

Last weekend, the San Jose Sharks participated in the 2018 NHL Draft, drafting five players to help restock the prospect pipeline. And while none of them were born or grew up in the Bay Area, that didn't mean there's no connection between the Sharks and these draft picks.

Heck, one of them was already a Sharks fan. 

Fourth round pick Jasper Weatherby already knows the Tank's favorite chant, tweeting out #BeatLA ahead of one of the playoff games.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: We feel like the #SJSharks latest draft pick might fit in well here...

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Shark Life: Welcome to the Joe

by Casey Krygier /

This weekend San Jose Sharks veteran Joe Thornton was honored in his hometown of St. Thomas, Ontario. What used to be named the Timken Centre was renamed the Joe Thornton Community Centre. Ain't it pretty?

Tweet from @myFM_News941: ����NEW SIGN ALERT����The new sign has been installed at the Timken Centre. The official Joe Thornton Community Centre renaming ceremony is taking place on Saturday June 23rd #sttont

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Shark Life: Fans Choose the Beards

by Casey Krygier /

This summer the NHL kicked off their inaugural Fan Choice Awards. With ten different categories, the Sharks took the lead in nominations with four awards up for grabs- Top Player Tweet, Best Bromance, Best Dog, and Best Hockey Smile.

Fans voted and chose the player's fate. To little surprise, the bearded beauties took home the cake!

Brent Burns and Joe Thornton won Best Bromance...for obvious reasons.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: The #NHLFanChoice Awards results are in!#SJSharks bearded duo @Burnzie88 and Jumbo win Best a few hairs.

Burnzie also won Best Hockey Smile for even more obvious reasons. 

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: The hockey-est of hockey smiles. ��Congrats @Burnzie88 on your #NHLFanChoice award-winning grin!

To show his love for all those that voted, Brent Burns took time out of his busy offseason at the ranch and posted a message on Instagram.

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Shark Life: Shark in the Water

by Ann Frazier /

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water…

Usually, when a shark is spotted in the water, there's mass panic and a blockbuster movie lurking about. But things are a little different at the Burns household, especially where Jagger Burns' birthday is concerned.

Jagger (who you may know for his All-Star Game antics) invited mascot S.J. Sharkie to his birthday party - a birthday pool party. And of course, S.J. Sharkie couldn't resist joining the kiddos in the water. 

Tweet from @sjsharkie: Just finishing the day hanging out in the pool with @Burnzie88 for Jagger���s birthday. What are you doing ;)

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