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Randy's Ramblings - 2/8/13

by Randy Hahn / San Jose Sharks

Sharks fans have been busy on the Twitter machine so far this season. Here are a few that have recently come my way. Enjoy!

I don’t see that coming anytime soon. NHL Officials are already constantly being monitored and reviewed and graded on their performances. Those grades affect their playoff assignments and thus their compensation.

I try to be as fair and even handed as I can with my description of the games and my commentary. But make no mistake that I work on the San Jose Sharks broadcast and am primarily concerned with Sharks fans enjoyment of the games. At the end of the day my commentary will always fall on the side of the San Jose Sharks and their players, coaches and management and I make no apology for that.

I don’t think it directly did. But the blown call deprived Coach Todd McLellan of an important role player for a big chunk of the game. They could have used Desjardin’s young legs on the second night of back to backs and third game in four nights. Plus the Sharks were deprived of 4 minutes of power play time and instead had to kill a 1-minute penalty. The call definitely changed the game but it didn’t lose the game for San Jose.

Where were we inconsistent? Brad Stuart’s hit on Gabriel Landeskog was deemed a legal hit by the NHL. It’s unfortunate that he suffered a concussion but it wasn’t due to Stuart targeting his head. Even Landeskog himself said it was a good hit. Both hits were legit. That’s all we ever said. That’s consistent.

I think it’ll come as early as next season. The NFL already has the working model in place. Allow each coach one challenge per game. If the coach loses the challenge his team loses its timeout.

I’ll do my best to look out for you. Sincerely, Me.

No. However I know for a fact that Drew’s healthy lifestyle has added a new, natural brilliance to his pearly whites.


And finally ... there's the hair tweets.

Here are the only comments I will make about this topic for the rest of the season. Over the summer I met with the Comcast SportsNet California wardrobe, makeup and hair consultants (of course we have those). They liked the wardrobe and makeup (duh) but strongly suggested a hair style that offered more body, bounce, luster, sheen, flow, gloss, shine, brilliance, dazzle, glaze, glint, luminousness, radiance, sparkle and resplendence. And I wasn’t into any of that so I just grew it out a little. Thanks so much for your interest in my hair.

And keep those Tweets coming!

I’m @sharkvoice for

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