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Randy Cleans His Mailbox

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks
It was going to be my New Years resolution to clean out my e-mail bag but since it’s my turn to write an In The Crease this week, here we go!

Why do the referee's toss a player out of the face-off circle?     Brian - Concord
Some of the reasons a player may be thrown out of the face-off circle include improper positioning, a player refraining from placing his stick on the ice, a player who encroaches into the face-off circle, a player making physical contact with an opponent prior to the drop of the puck or a player being in an off-side position. Also, players are frequently tossed out simply for having bad breath.

Randy, Could you possibly tell me some of the nicknames for the current Sharks roster?  Here's a few that are common knowledge around our house:  Patrick Marleau=Hatrick Marleau; Jonathon Cheechoo=The C-Train or The Moose Factory Express; Scott Thornton=Thorny;  Joe Thornton=Bazooka Joe;  Alyn MacCauley=Big Mac
Attack.      Ron - Reno, Nevada
The Sharks players have nicknames for one another and those tend to be the ones we use too when describing them.
Some would include
Nabokov- Nabby
Toskala- Tosk
McLaren- Kmac
Marleau- Patty
Scott Thornton-Thorty 2
Dimitrakos- Dimo
Ekman- Eck
Drew Remenda - Peanut
Mark Smith (Smitty) calls me Hahner, except when we are playing cards and then he calls me loser.
I just want you guys to know that Randy Hahn, and Drew 's call on the 4th goal by Cheechoo in the game against Carolina should be on every highlight film and commercial
played for the rest of the season. I play it over and over on my Tivo because it gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. Randy is the best in the business. God bless you all and god bless the
San Jose Sharks. Stanley Cup here we come!!!    Wes - Concord
Thanks for the kind words Wes. That was a fun goal to call and it looks like Head Coach Ron Wilson hit the jackpot when he put Cheechoo on the same line with the Thornton cousins. It might be a little early to start measuring the guys for those Stanley Cup rings but we can hope can’t we? By the way Drew has always referred to them as “goose pimples” and that has always disturbed me.
I am in my first year of college and am at a crossroads in my life. I have decided I would like to try to get into the sports broadcasting field. I would love to be an analyst or a commentator one day. I wanted to ask Drew or Randy how I would go about doing this. Thanks.   Omar – San Ramon
Omar. I have discussed this with Drew and we both agree that you should definitely not seek a career in television hockey broadcasting in the Bay Area. It is thankless life with few meaningful rewards and the two individuals who currently hold down those positions in San Jose intend to keep them until men in white coats drag them out of the broadcast booth. Good luck to you.
Thanks to you and Drew for the great broadcasts. This is not a complaint but "en fuego" doesn't quite do it for "On fire" in Spanish. I know you are also a soccer announcer, and you might hear Spanish-speaking futbol announcers say "llameante" (on fire), caliente, or calido. Even better, just shouting "Agua!" is a Flamenco tradition that works great.  Slightly different from the Mexican "Aguas!" which means, "Warning!" or Watch Out!"  Jon –Palo Alto
Muchas gracias “Juanito” and Felix Navidad!
Your TV broadcast team of Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn does the best job of giving listeners the goals, assists and penalties of any team that I've heard or seen in the NHL this season.  I record data and really appreciate it when the announcers give us the pertinent information.  It makes my job very easy.  Thank you. Don – Sherwood, Oregon
Thanks for the compliment Don. Have a Merry Christmas from December 25th, 12:00am (PST) until 11:59 pm (PST).
I am very sick of the announcers of the Sharks games. Tonight’s game was a sad loss.  The announcers are so negative I am going to turn the sound off on the TV and listen to the Sharks radio broadcasters.  Please speak to them.  They were arguing and not even announcing the game.  I do not want to hear them argue. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!  Denise – San Jose
Thanks very much for your constructive criticism. Drew and I continue to undergo therapy for our “on air” anger management issues. We also hope that you and your husband Mr. Rusanowsky have a wonderful Christmas holiday season!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy New Year everybody.
For Seagate Technology’s In The Crease, I’m Randy Hahn
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