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Power Rankings: Worst Knights

by Ann Frazier /

Sharks are awesome. That is an indisputable fact of life. On the other hand, knights are a remnant of an outdated mode of society often romanticized for no real reason.

So in honor of the second round matchup with the Vegas Golden Knights, we've decided to take a look at some of the most famous knights in pop culture and explain why they are actually bad. 

T8. Dark Knight (aka Batman)

First of all, Batman doesn't have any superpowers outside of a ton of money, so not sure how he's considered a superhero (before there are any arguments, Tony Stark/Iron Man also falls under this). Second, Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy - while a great deconstruction of the superhero genre to make it realistic - has all but ruined the DC cinematic universe. Not every superhero needs to be dark and broody and murder-y, you know. 

T8. Black Knight

The one thing in his favor is that he doesn't quit, and he's hockey player-esque in his denial of serious injury. But he also goes and gets both his arms and legs chopped off and serves as a mere distraction to King Arthur and his quest, so how great can he really be?

T8. Don Quixote

He was so obsessed with knights that he basically went crazy and thought he was one and started jousting with windmills. Even the mere idea of knights and knighthood is bad. 

T8. Knight (chess)

You can only move in an L shape? That's weird. 

T8. Gregor Clegane

First of all, they can't even decide who's going to play this character. There's already 573 different characters to memorize, having three different actors play one guy is not helping things.

Also, he's supposed to be ruthless and super strong yet he's basically dead? Lame. 

T8. Sir Sean Connery

He prescribes to the school of thinking that every accent - English, Irish, Russian, etc - is really a Scottish one.

T8. UCF Knights

They proclaimed themselves national champions in NCAA DI football, despite, you know, not even making it into the playoffs. 

T8. Jedi Knights

They were so set in their ways they didn't even think to consider that a nine-year-old boy might be a little sad and angry that he left his mother in slavery to die. Oh, and that he was forbidden to find love in the wake of that tragedy. They were so concerned with bringing balance to the Force that they created Darth Vader. And their self-worth was so inflated, they were all but forgotten by everyone within a generation.

No wonder - SPOILER ALERT - Luke let all their books and teachings burn and refused to train any more Jedi. 

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